Please distribute this flyer around the internet in preparation for the event.

Thank you in advance to all of those helping, all of those that will be attending, and everyone for their continuous support
of the movement!

9/11 Truth Takes Toronto

There was a strong 9/11 Truth presence at the Anti-War Rally in Toronto today. The Toronto 9/11 Questions Meetup Group as well as other Truthers joined the anti-war crowd to demand Truth and Accountability from our leaders.

Here are the highlights (Click each image for full size):

Full Size Banner:

Expose 9/11:

Inside Job:

Demand 9/11 Truth:

Anti-war Icon Cindy Sheehan Supports 9/11 Truth and a New 9/11 Investigation

Speaking in Burlington, Vermont this past Friday evening, March 2nd, 2007, grieving mother, anti-war activist and author Cindy Sheehan extended her hand in support of researchers and activists skeptical of the official line on the 9/11 terror attacks and publicly questioned several key features in the establishment mythos surrounding the event.

When asked the question, “Do you buy into the government's account of events on 9/11 and if not, which part or parts do you suspect or have you proven to be false,” Sheehan:

1) called attention to the relevance of 9/11 by linking it to the claims used to justify the war in Iraq and her son's death there;
2) lent verbal support to a new, democratically-led 9/11 investigation;
3) lent verbal support and urged others to lend their support to 9/11 Truth researchers and activists;
4) referenced the video, “Loose Change” (; and
5) referenced David Ray Griffin's book, The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 (

A video clip of the event is posted at the following URLs:

911Podcasts Exclusive (Video): Guernica Iraq

Guernica” was painted by Picasso in 1937. It depicts the senseless massacre by the Nazi Luftwaffe in the Basque city of Guernica, Spain. The attack was ordered at the behest of fascist Spanish General, Francisco Franco, during the Spanish Civil War. Guernica was a non-military target, the innocent people of the town were attacked in an attempt to psychologically break the will of those who opposed Franco’s fascistic nationalist pursuit.

Will we still be here in 2008, passing out DVDs etc?

Is it possible that 911truth is not the only way to achieve our goal (which i presume is the same for all of us, to restore our gov't of, by and for the people - 911 truth being just an avenue towards that goal.)

It goes without saying that all 911bloggers are also anti-war - since we know the 'war on terror' is a scam - we're just the most informed of the anti-war crowd.

Are you absolutely positive that handing out 911 dvds and blogging is the most effective way to reach our goal? What if it's not? What if the masses are not ready to march on DC re: 911, but they would be willing to march on DC to end the war.

This is a bit dis-jointed, sorry but the mojo is not flowing today- but i'm posting it anyway because I really want y'all to consider what i'm saying.

Everyone here knows about cointelpro right? When the Downing Street Memo came out in May '05, (I think it was) World Can't Wait announced their next major march for October... ie World Can't Wait says 'wait til october' ha ha...

Anyway, now UFPJ has announced their next big march for Jan 27th. Another Saturday afternoon march which will accomplish nothing. BTW- it's the Saturday after the State of the Union... anyone else think 'they' are afraid of a Mosh like event occuring?

America Has a Posse

I’ve seen the graphics for “Twin Towers Have a Posse” which I initially thought was an awesome idea. The “Andre has a Posse” meme was prevalent everywhere; people spread that ridiculous thing like chain letters. It’s a good concept, but I feel we need to integrate with the anti-war movement. Thus I propose: America Has a Posse.

People accuse the 9/11 movement as being self-righteous conspiracy theorists. We can’t let them frame the debate. They are just trying to cow us into submission; if they accuse us of being overly patriotic or appealing to morality, why shouldn’t we engage in those behaviors more vigorously? We must speak more about taking back the country, regardless of political affiliation, getting honest Americans into governance and peacefully take the reigns of power from the corrupt legislative and executive branches of government. Thus, America Has a Posse.

I, of course, stress voting Democratic in November, but after that my allegiance to the Democratic Party is over unless I see some serious actions to admonish and investigate the Bush/Republican wrongdoings, including a new investigation into 9/11. If the Democrats actually act honorably, I promise I will chill a little bit.

911 Activism at the World Can't Wait Protests in Cleveland, Ohio. October 5th, 2006

911 TruthSeekers get their chance on the mic!

And made it in the Cleveland State University Student paper, 'The Cauldron' Picture and all!!!

Bushwhacked: World Can't Wait Rallies to Overthrow Bush By: Michelle McCafferty Issue date: 10/9/06 Section: News

Nick Chiro said he has been researching the events of Sept. 11 for four years and encourages others to do the same. Banners hung from Cleveland's iconic Free Stamp as protesters lined the street. Business people bustled by, many of them not so much as blinking an eye at the impassioned activists. "You don't want to know the truth!" shouted one protester after a woman refused his offering of a DVD entitled "Loose Change," a documentary that alleges government involvement in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. On Oct. 5, World Can't Wait, an organization dedicated to driving President George W. Bush out of office, held a public rally downtown. Setting up shop in tranquil Willard Park, located right across the street from the Federal Building on Lakeside Avenue, people milled around. Some simply observed, but others actively participated, clothed in anti-Bush attire and armed with myriad selections of literature like the People, a newspaper published by the Socialist Labor Party. Local reggae artist Carlos Jones commented on the bright, but windy day saying it was a sign that "the winds of change are blowing." He then performed a selection of songs including "I Can See Clearly Now (The Rain Is Gone)." Random speakers ascended the stage, each with his or her own reasons why Bush must be ousted from power. "We need to put an end to this phony war on terror," said a man who identified himself as Bernie Chay. "This is a call for the U.S. to be at peace with Iran." He went on to say that the U.S. should not prevent Iran from enriching uranium because the country uses it as a source of power for the betterment of the nation. Nick Chiro, a new member of World Can't Wait, said he has been researching the events of Sept. 11 for four years and it is important for Americans to seek answers and investigate government policies and motives for themselves. "I want to help expose the crimes of Sept. 11 and trace where the evidence truly points," said Chiro. "The 9/11 Commission Report is phony. The people who chaired the committee had many conflicts of interest, so I'm here to speak out for peace and encourage others to investigate for themselves, not just take the words, images and messages from the [Bush] administration or the mainstream media. The greatest form of patriotism is dissent and questioning." Patrick Minnich, an activist yelling at cars and speaking with passersby on Lakeside Avenue, said his main goal is to increase awareness of Sept. 11 and to help Americans realize what really happened. "This is the side you don't see on Fox News," said Minnich, while holding up the DVD "9/11 Mysteries." "[Fox News] is slanted toward one way. They've been talking about going to World War III for a long time now." The message, "Think - it's not illegal yet" was printed in white on his black t-shirt. "It's about the new torture bill just passed that puts people who protest in essentially the same category as terrorists," said Minnich. Several activists pleaded for an end to the capitalist system, which one speaker referred to as the greed-driven cause of war.

The Great 9/11-Truth Debate: A Call to Progressives and Anti-war Activists

The Great 9/11 Truth Debate - Calling all Progressives and Anti-war activists to partake in a debate with members of the 9/11 Truth Movement over the importance of learning the truth about 9/11.

Spread the word. Think 9/11 Truth is not as important as your cause? State your case here, but everyone, please keep it civil: