Architecture of the Prison Planet

RFID in the post-9/11 World

In the years before he died and based on his friendship with Nick Rockefeller, film-maker Aaron Russo made a concerted effort to warn us about the long-range plan for mass social control involving the use of RFID devices. Many people in the 9/11 truth movement may consider this a dubious or nonsensical claim; however, there is compelling evidence that incremental steps towards this end are being taken now. This evidence includes the numerous articles, ads, and editorials related to RFID technology in the professional electrical engineering trade journals such as [EDN], [Electronic Design], and [Electronic Products], and in magazines such as [Popular Science] and [Popular Mechanics]. In order to get acceptance for RFID control, there must be "early-adopters" who use and promote RFID in normal public and commercial settings, e.g., RFID implants in dogs and cats and mandates such as the National Animal Identification System authorized by the Patriot Act.