Digital Archiving

Posts change, videos disappear, tweets are deleted. Links rot:

There are tools to combat this. Please post your own tips and techniques.

General page archiving:
Shelve can be configured to automatically save every page you visit. Each version is saved in a timestamped folder under the domain name (in your Firefox profile folder).
Recommended file name template: %{shelvedir}%/%B%/%Y-%M-%D-%h-%m-%s-%l%/%[ctF]%e

Also see:

Youtube Archiving:
Recommended command line:
youtube-dl --verbose --write-description --write-info-json --output "%(uploader)s__%(uploader_id)s__%(upload_date)s__%(title)s__%(extractor)s__%(id)s.%(ext)s" [URL]

How To Download any YouTube Video

Just enter 'pwn' in front of any youtube video before the word 'youtube' and it'll send you to a download file.

Full Story with more details and comments...

Someone who knows how to take a downloaded YouTube video and put it on DVD might want to explain the procedure in the comments section below. We'd all benefit from more information off the web and into our hands.