The Art of War

9/11 Truth and the Art of Whale Wars

I was downtown on 14th street in Manhattan on 9/11. It was surreal. It didn't make sense to me then either. How could both of those buildings fall down in exactly the same manner? And what about building 7?

I’ve been monitoring and participating in the 9/11 truth movement every day since 2005 . I am obsessed. I am also in a constant state of disbelief about how few people really care about stuff like 9/11 truth, or anything else beyond Dancing with the Stars and the latest Wii game. It remains surreal.

I have found it challenging (to say the least) converting people to 9/11 truth. Despite my best efforts I have only just begun to scratch the surface. There is so much resistance amongst well-to-do “smart” people. It doesn’t make sense. How much more evidence, testimony, and research do these people need to convince them it wasn’t necessarily 19 Saudi Hijackers and that there was a huge cover-up? What is really frustrating, however, is when you do convert someone and then they say something like ‘there’s nothing we can do about it, let’s go watch the Giants.’