9/11 Stinking Fish Artwork

heres something i just made, would love to see some photos of this up around the country.

Any feedback for the next revision would be appreciated. the truth is really beginning to take off.

911 Truth Artwork: "Problem - Solution"

I made this Artwork time ago but I'm sure like hardly anyone here has seen it, have a look and drop some comments if you want, I don't mind if people think it's sh!t lol;

"Problem - Solution"


(Excerpt from "Words on a page" blog)

Believe me my friends we are in trouble.

The plane evaporated, but they found Al-Queda's passports in the rubble?

In the quest for domination, all empires crumble.

I know, I know. I can hear you laughing.

The Pentagon envisioned the attack, a year before it happened.

Have your doubts still?

FEMA was in New York, on Sep 10th, for a "Bio-Terrorism Drill"

Its time for us all to take the Red Pill.

Its hard to conceive, but history is chilling.

In 1962, the U.S Government planned to fly our own planes into our own buildings

and blame Cuba for the killings.

It was to be a national disaster, to rally support for the overthrow of Castro.

The 3 buildings that collapsed on 9/11 due to "fire"

Were purchased by Larry Silverstein 6 weeks prior.

What is my point, then?

Larry Silverstein was not in his office in the North Tower on 9/11.

Sculptor's Tribute to 9/11 victims and families

a celebration of life

"Ascent" is a tribute to the lives lost on September 11th. It represents a celebration of life, a release from tragedy, and the process of healing. It is a marker of sacred memory and a testament not only to the lives we lost but to all of us who remain. Most of all it represents love. If you have lost someone close to you on 9/11 we can arrange to have your loved one’s name etched into the base. I have also put prayer boxes on all 4 sides for anyone to place private words. —Mark Pilato Pilato Studios

From December 14th of 2005 to April 6th of 2006 "Ascent" resided at Saint Paul's Chapel overlooking Ground Zero. Now, it moves uptown to Saint Peter’s to serve family members and anyone who was touched by the tragedy on 9/11.

9/11 as Theatre

John Doe II over at Team8+ has produced a very interesting Theatre Text/online book called;


Clocking in at 233 pages and over 1,000 footnotes, (the majority live hyperlinks), this is a very thoughful and thought-provoking document for people looking at 9/11 and looking for reference material.

Team8+ download page or zipped PDF direct dowload - 2 MB


Buzzflash has posted another unique piece that features a script-writer trying to pitch her OCT script back in 1993 to an incredulous Producer;

CC: OK, but here's a twist. We show a guy in the Mideast, sitting down to read about the attacks in the paper. He looks at the front page, we see the hijackers' photos, and when he turns, alarmed, to call out to his wife, we see one of the pictures is of him! The same happens to a couple of other guys, just so the audience gets the point.

WPF: Which is?

CC: It keeps them wondering. Now, US agents, disguised as Saudis, manage to capture a terrorist who was involved in the plot but wasn't a hijacker. He's a real namedropper, gives them the phone numbers of several Saudi royalty, says they'll vouch for him.

Oregon artists take 9/11 Truth to Mexico

The Fall '01

Agnieszka Laska collaborates with Luis Arreguin in the choreodrama premiere THE FALL '01 at Museo de la Ciudad, Queretaro, Mexico.

The multimedia work for dancers and actors, brings to the performance stage a compelling story from which we can no longer hide. Jackie T. Gabel's score is now married to (local music video wizard) Uehara Takfumi's image montages into a three-quarter-hour-long choreodrama polemic, around the seemingly endless (now 3+years and running) Orwellian Peak Oil War of Terror (your tax dollars at work and soon to be virtually worthless), launched to solidify the regime's desperate imperialist grasping - not for the faint of heart and long past time for singing in the dark.

THE FALL '01 is a study in human debasement and expansive lamentation on a great society whose deteriorating values may well presage an empire at the precipice of its fall.

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