Mark Cuban Confronts Bill O'Reilly on O'Reilly's Radio Show - Audio Download

Mark Cuban Exposes O'Reilly Hypocrisy On Radio Broadcast -

Billionaire Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks who is set to finance a cinema release of Loose Change narrated by Charlie Sheen, exposed Bill O'Reilly's rampant hypocrisy concerning his coverage of the 9/11 truth movement on the Fox News host's radio show yesterday.
O'Reilly admits right off the bat that he has not even seen Loose Change, following in the trend of his fellow debunkers who have already arrived at a judgment without even checking the evidence. Bill's mind is made up! Don't bother him with the facts!

This painfully underscores exactly what this whole charade represents, not an open debate on the evidence, but a cynical attempt to smear Charlie Sheen, Rosie O'Donnell and Mark Cuban.

O'Reilly wastes no time in doing so by associating Loose Change with "Nazi propaganda."

Be sure to check out the full article and the 9 minute mp3 as well.

Lionel Talks About Christine Ebersole on His Radio Show in NYC

In response to the news yesterday regarding Christine Ebersole coming out and publicly questioning 9/11.

6 Minute 2MB MP3 (911podcasts mirror)

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Mike Berger on Lone Lantern Radio - Audio Download


Mike Berger, media coordinator for, was on Lone Lantern Radio this Wednesday. You can find the MP3 download on the RBN Live archive page under January 24th, or via the 911podcasts download link above.

Check it out, post some comments!

PBS Interviews Patty Casazza on Implementing 9/11 Commission Recommendations

Patty Casazza on Implementing 9/11 Commission Recommendations -

This Week, Maria Hinojosa talks with "Jersey Girl" Patty Casazza about her reaction to Democrats' attempts to implement 9/11 Commission national security recommendations. The "Jersey Girls" are a group of women whose husbands died in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Casazza is also a member of the steering committee keeping an eye on the 9/11 Commission's work. Casazza's husband John F. Casazza, a Cantor Fitzgerald employee, died at age 38. She has a teenage son.

I don't know how long this show will remain on this show's main page, so if it moves just check in the archives under January 12th.

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Audio from an "Evening with Robert Bowman and John Albanese" Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party

Audio from an "Evening with Robert Bowman and John Albanese" -

Boston College - McGuinn Auditorium (12/15/06)

01 Chris Gruener- Introduction (5.5MB) MP3
Introduction by Chris Gruener of Boston 9/11 Truth

02 Dr Bob Bowman (34 MB) MP3
Dr. Bowman address the attitudes and actions of 9/11 Truth activists and offers a critique of the governments official version of 9/11.

03 John Albanese (19.4 MB) MP3
John addresses the use of the term "Conspiracy" and the lack of accountability in the media.

Radio Host Lionel Talks about Recent Hustler Article

Lionel Radio Show - 01/07/07 - 9MB MP3

I got a heads up that Lionel - host of a show on WOR 710 AM in NYC - covered the recent Hustler article and more regarding 9/11. Check it out.

Thanks to John and for the heads up!

Randi Rhodes Questions 9/11 'Collapses' During Segment on Bush Administration Lies


In the third hour of her January 2nd radio show, Randi Rhodes discussed Bush senior's recent odd behavior - referencing the Warren commission report and JFK conspiracy theories during his speech at Ford's memorial. Randi drew comparisons to his recent breakdown while giving a speech regarding his son Jeb. She questions whether his recent strange behavior is due to a forthcoming wave of questions by the incoming democratic majority. Amongst this segment Randi quite bluntly questions the collapses of the twin towers as well as WTC7.

Let's hope that Randi will continue to voice her concerns over what really happened on 9/11, and that her voice won't fall on deaf ears with the incoming democratic majority.

Check out the first segment - about 12 minutes - in the MP3 linked above.

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A Conversation with Ken Jenkins - Audio Download

A conversation w/ Ken Jenkins -

Al Chats with Ken Jenkins about the 9/11 Truth Movement, its challenges, potentials, pitfalls.
one hour, 6 mins.

William Rodriguez Featured in Devon Newspaper and Interviewed on BBC Bristol

Hero of 9/11 Won't Stop Speaking Out Against Bush -

One minute he was going about his business, the next he was looking at a vision from the depths of hell. Still reeling from a blast which rocked the World Trade Center, William Rodriguez could hardly believe what he was seeing."A man came running into the office shouting 'explosion, explosion!'" Mr Rodriguez soon saw a third of his body had been badly burnt by the blast. "When I realised, I started screaming. I looked at his face and it was missing parts."

It was the start of a day that transformed Mr Rodriguez from a maintenance man to the hero of 9/11. He ran back into the crumbling tower three times, and helped save hundreds of people.
For Mr Rodriguez, a native of Puerto Rico, swears his ordeal began before the first plane hit the Twin Towers. He claims that the White House failed to act, and accuses the government of being involved in "sponsored terrorism" in a bid to find a motive to invade Iraq. He brought his argument to a Westcountry audience on Wednesday, when he spoke in Torquay as part of the Global Truth movement.
It was while he was in basements of the North Tower that Mr Rodriguez says he felt an explosion from below. "It was so hard that it shook the foundations of the building and the walls cracked," he said. "The ceiling fell on top of us."

Mr Rodriguez, 45, had worked in the building for 20 years, and survived the 1993 bomb blast. As the sprinkler system came on, he was mentally transported back. It was only then that he claims he heard the sound of the first plane hitting the tower, at 8.46am. "It came from far away - all the way at the top of the building," he said.
The final straw came when he was asked to give a public address on why Iraq should be invaded. "I said no - 9/11 was nothing to do with Iraq. I helped organise the families, and we voted against the President using us for his political motive. That's when the thrust changed, and the invasion suddenly became about weapons of mass destruction."
But Mr Rodriguez continues to speak out. Once a prominent magician, he said: "The 9/11 attacks are just an illusion. It never happened in the way they say. It's all manufactured to give the impression that it happened like that."

You can also find a 20 minute long interview with Mr. Rodriguez on BBC Bristol at

Update: Another recent Rodriguez article here.

Bruce Marshall, Green Candidate for Congress in Vermont, Airs Concerns About 9/11 on Vermont Public Radio

Interview: Bruce Marshall, U.S. House Candidate - Vermont Public Radio

As part of VPR's continuing midterm election coverage we're speaking with a wide variety of candidates for statewide office.

Today, Green Party candidate for the US House Bruce Marshall talks with Mitch Wertlieb about the central issue of his campaign, which he says is more important than anything any of the major party candidates or the mainstream media is willing to talk about.

Mr. Marshall gets straight to the point in this 6 minute long interview with Vermont Public Radio. Marshall's central reason for running is to expose the lies surrounding 9/11.

You can find the 3MB MP3 of the interview via the link above, or archived at 911podcasts here.

Please note that we have added a banner in the action items section which lists all 9/11 candidates, please do your best to help them however you can!

Recent Radio Shows

We've been slacking when it comes to keeping track of recent interviews, so here are a few from the last week or so.

Jim Fetzer Responds to Bill O'Reilly - (10/16) - National Intel Report
Kevin Barrett Guest Hosts with John Kiminski - (10/14) - Non-Random Thoughts
Jack Blood Interviews Dr. David Ray Griffin - (10/13) - Deadline Live
Michael Wolsey Interviews Jon Gold - (10/13) - Visibility 9/11
Wayne Madsen and William Pepper from DC 5th Anniversary - (10/11) - Guns & Butter

Update, don't forget Jason Bermas on Louder than words radio - (10/14) - RBN

I'm sure we are missing some, so if you have other recent radio shows which are worth checking out please post them in the comments!

Ex-CIA Analyst Bill Christison Talks About How He Came To Question 9/11 - Audio Download

The Case For Intellectual Integrity -

It would be refreshing to find somebody who doesn't agree with 9/11 conspiracy theories (so-called) who was willing to debate them in a civil way. And I don't mean the editors of Popular Mechanics, either. Perhaps the civil ones are changing their minds? One such is Bill Christison, the distinguished former CIA analyst and popular author of progressive political essays. Within the past year Bill has changed his mind about 9/11, from rejecting conspiracy theories outright to thinking that the standard story is not what it seems. In this conversation we talk a lot about what happens when one rethinks something like 9/11, less about the facts in question. I'm very grateful to Bill for talking with me and I hope this conversation helps those who are still sorting things out. Runtime of about an hour and nineteen minutes.

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911 Media Roundup

Project Censored: Complicity in 9/11: A presentation given at Santa Rosa Junior College on September 11, 2006 by Peter Phillips and Project Censored available here:

An unexpected reference to insider trading and other suspicious stock market activities prior to 9/11 featured in a Saturday Night Live skit:
(digg it)

9/11 First Responders on the Guns And Butter show on September 20 available here:

One Nation Under Seige: The guys who made the 9/11 Truth documentary "9/11 In Plane Site" have created this compilation of interviews exposing the New World Order and the tactics they employ to further their agenda:

Whistleblower Dentist found dead:

Alex Jones interviews Former CIA Analyst and author of Stop Belittling the Theories About September 11 Bill Christison:

Talking About a Revolution by Dem Bruce Lee Styles now available for download here:

Thanks to Yarrow for sending in the Project Censored videos, cloakandswagger for the SNL skit, Gold for the Whistleblower video, and DBLS for the Alex Jones Interview.

New Meria Heller Interview of Richard Grove

Check it out for free here:

Also, Richard will be mentioning the hard work and activism by various 911 Bloggers and the huge resource of email addresses that they have generated in his upcoming Podcast as well as hopefully during his appearance on TNRLive tonight at 10 pm PST.

Alex Jones on Alan Colmes MP3 download

Alex Jones on the Alan Colmes radio show, 8/17/2006

8 MB download

One of Jones' best appearances on mainstream radio.