Unlike the action in NYC,

Unlike NYC, it was just me alone in Melbourne this month cause my daughter was at a party.

This was my 14th "11th Day Action" on 14th of December(sorry I don't have any photos of the day) ever since I started doing it in November 2007.

It took me four and half hours to distribute 400 flyers and 100~150DVDs/CD-Roms(mixed),
and that's extra TWO hours compared with our regular action!

Well, that proves she does a great job! though she can be a pain in the neck...

A few called me nuts etc, but when one guy was shouting after grabbing my flyer only to throw it away, another young woman approached me, getting the flyer off my hand and said to me, "Just ignore him!" and walked away. ;O)

Also one guy was very friendly, and he knew it was an inside job.

At the end of the conversation, he asked me direction.
Then I found out he was from the Netherlands, so I said to him,
"Well done, Danny Jowenko!" and he laughed.

Another one from Perth, WA was wondering if he's going to do this action by joining the truthers there.
I think he was wondering if he'd get arrested or killed by being a truther, so I told him what I think.

A FEAR LESS TRILOGY – Summary of Events

A FEAR LESS TRILOGY – Summary of Events

By John Bursill – Truth Action Sydney

“Exposing the Delusion of 9/11 Down under!”

Well, just as the rest of the world does, Australia continues to step up to new heights in our 9/11 Truth campaign, forcing the reality of the September 11 Attacks into the light! Sydney Truth Action decided to put on three events for the anniversary this year, back to back on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September. We are determined to reach a bigger audience with the “truth to peace” message, aiming it directly at the Peace Groups that have resisted us for so long.

Here is a brief summary of these three events….

Event 1 - Public Meeting – DELUSION 911 – September 11th, 2008

Australia Bolts Iraq Over Bush's Lies By Ray McGovern June 3, 2008

Australia Bolts Iraq Over Bush's Lies

By Ray McGovern
June 3, 2008

Editor’s Note: Even into the sixth year of war in Iraq – even as ex-White House press secretary Scott McClellan admits the deceptions used to justify the invasion – the U.S. news media still averts its eyes from the full ugliness of what happened in 2002-03.

In this story, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern notes the far greater candor occurring in Australia -- and cites the earlier whistle-blowing by members of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), which he helped found:

Matilda is walzing home from Iraq, and the Australians are lucky but chastened.

Lucky for having lost not one soldier in combat of the 2,000 sent to join the “coalition of the willing” attack on Iraq in March 2003.

Chastened because Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is now pulling no punches in decrying the subservience of his predecessor, John Howard, to Washington.

Bin Laden backer blasted

On the defensive...Australia's new Mufti, Sheik Fehmi Naji el-Imam refuses
to accept Osama bin Laden was responsible for the September 11 attacks on
the US. / The Daily Telegraph


Bin Laden backer blasted

By Mark Dunn and Evelyn Yamine

June 12, 2007 03:01pm

THE refusal by Australia's new Mufti to accept Osama bin Laden was responsible for the September 11 attacks has sparked a mass brawl online.

In his first day in the job, the cleric Sheik Fehmi Naji el-Imam stuck by his long-standing view questioning whether bin Laden was behind the 2001 attacks.

"What evidence?" he said when asked if he now accepted bin Laden's role in the atrocity.

Two years ago, when asked the same question, he said: "How would I know? He's unable to be found."

More than one hundred outraged readers have written to this website to protest - while others are backing his call.

9/11 Press For Truth - Screening In Sydney, Australia

I am screening this excellent groundbreaking film (which has been apparently censored in the Australian corporate-controlled media) at my home.
Please email me ( ) if you are in Sydney and would like to come. I will provide details via email.
I will be screening this movie using a data projector and high quality audio system.
If you are interested but unable to come, let me know, as I am planning to host a larger public screening in Sydney soon.
Feel free to forward this email to your friends.
I look forward to your company!
Please visit my website:

Australia Channel 10 Attacked for Airing 'In Plane Site'

Labor MP attacks Ten on 9/11 documentary -

LABOR MP Michael Danby wants Channel 10's programming director sacked after the TV station screened a documentary which floated conspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks.

The program, 9/11 In Plane Site, questioned whether a hijacked airliner really hit the Pentagon, and suggested shadowy American forces engineered the event for evil ends.

Ten aired the program late on Saturday night – two days before the fifth anniversary of the New York and Washington attacks.

Mr Danby said September 11 victims had been killed twice – once by the terrorists and once by Ten.
But Ten was unapologetic, saying that “people should be able to make up their own minds” about such material.

“The last time we checked this was a free country,” a spokeswoman for Ten said.

She said the program “merely questioned what people were told by the Government and the media”.

She said it was the second time the network had aired the program and only positive feedback had been received.

About 400,000 people watched the program, which went to air at 11pm.

Thanks Paul for the heads up!