Columnist Babiak Needs Some Information and Education

["....Among the rock and theatre posters on every public board and pole in the city, there are handbills and mock-ups of American banknotes advertising "Edmonton 911 Truth," one of three organizations here that suggest the events of Sept. 11 were not as the mainstream media have presented them. Similar organizations, run by committed volunteers, thrive in cities all over North America...."]

Sept. 11 conspiracy theories provide cheap entertainment

'Truthers' avoid the difficult problem of making the world more secure

Todd Babiak, The Edmonton Journal
Published: Thursday, June 26

The Wire, a complex and critically acclaimed HBO television series about the ways in which human systems are doomed to fail, never found a huge audience. By contrast, the Law & Order and CSI franchises, in which a simple conspiracy is at the base of every crime, are multibillion-dollar entertainment properties. The Da Vinci Code outsold every novel ever written about the problem of faith. In recent years, the controversy around who shot John F. Kennedy has overshadowed anything he said or accomplished during his presidency.