bailout provisions

CALL Pelosi: DEMAND BAILOUT include a Valid Criminal Investigation of 9/11 - End to Iraq War

I called Speaker, Nancy Pelosi and my reps. about the Bailout:
Pelosi phone in DC: 1-202-225-4965

My basic message:

This bailout is increasingly seen as an outrageous extortion of the American Taxpayer.

New information reveals the Bush Whitehouse kept secret foreknowledge of this "emergency" for weeks and months according to deputy Press Sec, Tony Fratto.

- The 3-page "ultimatum" Paulson delivered to Congress has Bush's fingerprints all over it.
- There exists no guarantee the Bailout will work and no protection to taxpayers.
- Rudely disingenuous to ask for billions in Bailout while spending $64 billion a month in Iraq/Afghanistan.
- Furthermore, the US Constitution has no legal provision for a transfer of wealth to an un-elected official (Paulson) who is partnered with the Federal Reserve (Bernanke) -- a private banking system illegally enacted outside the Framer's intended provisions of the US Constitution.

Conditions to provide emergency funds to lending institutions must include: