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Reclaiming the “Boston Tea Party” for 9/11 Truth

Another wonderfully written article by Jerry Mazza setting the record straight on independent 9/11 truth activists, and being co-opted by right wing antics, and special insight in what went into the 3rd beam in NYC for 9/11 truth. I got this linked from Flyby News.


Reclaiming the “Boston Tea Party” for 9/11 Truth
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Sep 29, 2010, 00:24

Reclaiming the "Boston Tea Party" for 9/11 Truth

Reclaiming the “Boston Tea Party” for 9/11 Truth
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Sep 29, 2010, 00:24




Richard Gage and Barbara Honegger show new light on Building 7 ... LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY

Last night in Manhattan, at 9:11 PM, Barbara Honegger and Richard Gage surprised many people both in the 9/11 Truth Movement and amongst many people who believe the official story about 9/11 to be true.
DJ Green Arrow spoke to several people, including Gage, Honegger, and Comedian/Activist Dick Gregory about the remarkable feat.

What really happened? It was HUGE . People looking up to the sky last night, which was pretty clear, discovered that not only wee the two towers represented by incredible beams of light reaching up from Ground Zero to represent Tower 1 & 2. observers also witnessed an incredible feat of Engineering mixed with a very artistic statement...


Honegger, in Gage's words, put a lot of time and a lot more money to make sure that the Pickup truck that carried the powerful lights would actually roll.

It was incredible. DJ Green Arrow rolled tape throughout the entire event and pictures and video are imminently forthcoming.

Look for to have some of the best footage available, as several cameras documented this.

Boston Tea Party Speakers Kevin Ryan and Barbara Honegger on 9/11 & Empire Radio Tonight

Getting ready for the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth! http:

Kevin Ryan, the Underwriters Labs whistleblower and NIST report demolisher, will be my first hour guest on 9/11 and Empire Radio tonight, Tuesday 12/4/07, 9-10 pm CT. Kevin is not just a lucid scientific critic of the official story, he's also a voice of uncommon common sense in the 9/11 truth movement--a spiritually-grounded guy whose opinions I always respect and usually agree with. For example, he just convinced me to drop an uncomplimentary reference to Cindy Sheehan from a piece I had written. I had not meant it to be uncomplimentary to her, but to some of those surrounding her, yet when I re-read it I saw that Kevin was absolutely right that it never should have been posted and needed to come down. I invite those who have a beef with anything I've written to follow Kevin's example--email me with a specific reference to the questionable passage and I'll try to give your critique fair-minded consideration. Writers need good editors--but in the internet age we rarely have any. My email address is

Guns and Butter 1pm Today - What Didn't Hit The Pentagon?

Guns & Butter
Wednesday June 20, 2007, 1:00pm

What Didn't Hit the Pentagon

with Dave von Kleistt, April Gallop and Barbara Honegger. Dave von Kleist examines mainstream media coverage of the attack on the Pentagon; Pentagon survivor April Gallop describes her experiences on September 11th, 2001, her first day back at work as an administrative specialist with the U.S. Army at the Pentagon, after maternity leave; and Barbara Honegger, professional military affairs journalist and former White House Policy Analyst, discusses her article, "The Pentagon Attack Papers".

KPFA 94.1 FM Berkeley 1pm PST, and streaming and archived at

Pentagon Attack Papers

In addition to the accounts covered in "Loose Change", that military officials at the Pentagon smelled cordite (gunpowder) after the blasts that morning, Barbara "October Surprise" Honegger writes in her "Pentagon Attack Papers" that stopped clocks from the scene (now on display at the Smithsonian) read 9:32, a full five minutes earlier than even the earliest official crash times. Read them in the appendix to Jim Marrs' "Terror Conspiracy" or as a PDF online at