Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference - Important Updates

Messages from Drew (a director of Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society) and from Wayne, the Conference Coordinator:

Dear Friends,

University of Wisconsin-Madison associate, Teacher of Islam, Olympic Gold Medalist, and MC for the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference Kevin Barrett is currently in Morocco in search for Hijacker Waleed al Shehri.

Not only has he confirmed his whereabouts, but has met with some of his colleagues and friends that have all reported and confirmed that yes, Waleed is infact alive and well in Morocco. Mr. Barret has yet to report meeting with Waleed himself and getting his picture, but he is committed to doing so before his return. If he is successful, these pictures will be seen for the first time at our conference in June.

Rodriguez Plays in Peoria -- Uncensored!

We wrapped up our Midwest Tour in Peoria yesterday and William got great local TV coverage in Eau Claire Friday. Madison's WISC-TV covered the talk at the University of Wisconsin Saturday (I haven't seen the coverage yet).

Sunday's talk in Peoria was front page news (local section):

We had great crowds and William brought audiences to tears with hisamazing account. I'll be discussing the tour with organizer and fellow GCN host Gary Franchi of today on Dynamic Duo, 3-5 pm CT, channel two. (Gary and friends organized William's Chicago appearance that kicked off the tour.)

A huge thank-you to everyone who made this fantastic tour possible!

Kevin Barrett

Barrett Thanks Nass, Republicans for U.W. Rodriguez Event

Dear Steve Nass & followers,

I am writing to thank you, Rep. Nass—yes, you, the Constitution-burning bane of the U.W. system and the most hated man in Madison—for your tireless efforts to promote my “9/11 conspiracy theories.” By launching your unsuccessful crusade to get me fired due to political opinions I expressed on a radio show, you generated overwhelming sympathy for me and interest in 9/11 truth.

And you just can’t stop, can you? When your faithful minions brought 9/11 survivor Earl Johnson to campus last month, you ran a huge ad in the campus papers saying “9/11 an inside job? Tell that to a survivor.” By publishing ads in large screaming type highlighting the words “9/11 an inside job” you bought the 9/11 truth movement some very expensive publicity. Three cheers for the Republicans! As they say in Texas, “If you’re so rich, why aren’t you smart?”

Letter from Kevin Barrett on Fetzer and Space Beams

I wrote to Kevin Barrett and asked if he was planning on leaving Scholars for 9/11 truth. He wrote back the following. It seems written for public consumption so here it is:

No and yes.
More on this later...meanwhile see, below.

As activists, when people ask us "what do you think of X theory about what happened," our answer should always be "well, that theory is no more improbable than the official story, whose probability is zero...but our job is not to prove what happened, but to show that the official story is demonstrably false, and force a new investigation."

The case of st911 is tricky, because it's dedicated to research more than activism. I think researchers have to be willing to allow other researchers to propose hypotheses, no matter how outlandish-sounding. The best response is evidence-based critique, not ad-hominem attack.

Morgan Reynolds, who was himself critiqued way too harshly by Jim Hoffman, seems to have caught the ad-hominem bug in his silly attacks on Steven Jones, which mix legitimate critique with ill-founded invective. I hope Steve can keep his cool and his trademark professional politeness, ignore the misrepresentations, and stick to evidence-based critique of whatever new hypotheses are proposed. So far Steve and David are the two researchers who have best combined lucid research with professional demeanor, and I don't expect that to change any time soon.

Meanwhile I hope to have Steve on the new GCN radio show "The Dynamic Duo" ASAP. I think a case can be made that my co-host on that show and st911 colleague Jim Fetzer is jumping the gun by prematurely hyping the exotic weaponry hypothesis, and I want to argue that activists should focus on the gaping holes in the official story, not exotic weaponry.

Above all, the format for proposed 9/11 debates needs to be a simple pro versus con on the 9/11 Commission Report -- that's the only debate that matters, and it's one we can't possibly lose.


P.S. Important caveat: I haven't had time to look at the exotic weapons arguments in enough detail to have an informed opinion of their scientific (as opposed to rhetorical) merits.

The Conspiracy To Rewrite 9/11

Rewrite or expose?

Dylan Avery has a theory that he says casts doubts on Mark Bingham's actions on Sept. 11, 2001. According to Avery, the San Francisco public relations executive never called his mom on a cell phone from the cabin of Flight 93, and never told her that "some of us here are going to try to do something." Instead, says Avery, someone using a voice synthesizer -- possibly a government official -- called Alice Hoglan on the morning that Flight 93 -- and Bingham -- became part of Sept. 11 lore.

"The cell phone calls were fake -- no ifs, ands or buts," Avery says in "Loose Change," a film he wrote and directed that's one of the most-watched movies on the Internet, with 10 million viewers in the past year. "Until the government can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that al Qaeda was behind Sept. 11, the American people have every reason to believe otherwise."