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Mark Dice's 9/11 Truth Jam - Winnipeg Entry

Up in the north Midwest, jamming the University of Manitoba with free DVDs for students, books for the professors.

Barrie Zwicker: 9/11 Truth: Everybody Knows (except the mainstream media!)

Aug. 20, 2006: Barrie Zwicker Speaks @ Winnipeg 9/11 Truth Event

(I hadn't seen this before, nice little pep talk by Zwicker. -r.)

I think this is the whole speech that the youtube is pulled from, linked at;


911 Truth and the Left: Barrie Zwicker and Radical Pragmatist Attend a Book Release party for Amy Goodman 9/11/06

This all started when I found out that Amy Goodman was having a book release party in NY City at Cooper Hall on 9/11. This was the same Cooper Hall that was hosting the 911 Truth Break Out on 9/10! This was also the same Amy Goodman of Democracy Now who had blatantly ignored 911 Truth for over five years, except for one interview with David Ray Griffin in 2003. An interview in which her suprise guest Chip Bartlet, openly attacked Dr. Griffin's personal credibility while avoiding the deeper questions about 911 that Dr. Griffin eloquently and clearly presented. In addition, Amy's co-host, Juan Gonzales had been one of the first and most out spoken reporters to investigate the horrible health effects and lies about the toxic dust from ground zero, yet he too had remained silent on the larger facts and questions presented by the 911 Truth movement.

These were the classic left gate keepers that Barrie Zwicker writes about in his new book "Towers of Deception". I wanted to know why they avoided 911 Truth and what the other 'progressive' volunteers and attendants at the event thought about 911 Truth and Democracy Now's handling or non-handling of the subject. I was determined to go and ask these questions.

9.14.06 - DC911 Truth - Barrie Zwicker Lecture - Audio

I went to the Barrie Zwicker lecture hosted by last month and thought I would share this audio with you all.

The lecture outlines the information in his new book "Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11"

Feel free to re-host this as the links below will expire.

Part One:

Part Two:


Barrie Zwicker Speech at Winnipeg Truth Event

Thanks to our friends at, the Barrie Zwicker speach from the August 20 viewing of The Great Conspiracy in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada has been added to the following podcast. Check it out:

Barrie Zwicker: 9/11 the official story is the biggest conspiracy

9/11 the official story is the biggest conspiracy

(an interview with Barrie Zwicker)

Mark Twain said, “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” According to Toronto writer Barrie Zwicker, this is the sorry truth about the officially accepted version of September 11, 2001, which he dissects in his new book Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11.

As a media critic, Zwicker’s credentials are impeccable: in addition to his commentaries on CBC Radio and Vision TV, he has worked for the Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail, and taught
journalism at Ryerson University for seven years.

Common Ground: According to a few polls taken in the US and Canada, there is a notable lack of faith in the official story on 9/11. Why do you think this disbelief persists, in spite of the lack of media interest in an alternative take on 9/11?

Barrie Zwicker: The disbelief persists because despite the drumbeat of the official story, and despite the nearly utter failure of the mainstream media to raise questions about the absurdities and impossibilities of the official story, ordinary, decent people, using their own senses and adding two and two, smell something fishy. Especially because the people promoting the official story, namely the White House and the big media, also promoted the lie of WMDs in Iraq, and have lied and covered up on other large issues. What I call the apologist community has more and more to answer for.

World Crisis Radio - Carol Brouillet is on now.

UPDATE: Carol is on live now.

In progress at 5:30pm Central.

Barrie Zwicker Guest hosted RBN's "The Divided Country" - 9/1/2006

Zwicker's guest host appearance on "The Divided Kingdom" is archived here.

This program was primarily focused on an interview with Prof. Adrian Anderson of Denver Colorado; environmental issues, corporatization of Universities than it was about 9/11. Still interesting radio, however. No live calls on this broadcast.

Here is RBN's live stream:

Barrie Zwicker Hosts Radio Special Tonight on RBN Live

Just heard, Barrie Zwicker will be hosting a special show on RBN ( ) at 5 pm PT, 6 pm MT, 7 pm CT, 8 pm ET. (2 hours air time in total)

He will apparently have as a guest a certain Dr. Anderson. I am not sure of the exact theme but am sure it will be 9/11 related.

I have no further info, at this time.

This was announced today in the late afternoon by John Stadtmiller on RBN.

Should be interesting. There may be Shortwave coverage too, but I am not sure. Check the RBN site.

Streaming audio via internet:

Toll-free call-in number: 1 - 800 - 313 - 9443

PS Barrie Zwicker will also be filling in for John Stadtmiller on RBN on Sept. 12th, 2006 while John will be at the 9/11 events in NYC.

Enjoy the show !

Zwicker interview: "Searching for truth in the rubble"

Searching for truth in the rubble

Author Barrie Zwicker believes the White House knocked down the Twin Towers on 9/11. Crazy conspiracy theory? Maybe not.


As the fifth anniversary of 9/11 draws near, recent polls indicate that a growing number of Americans believe they have not been told the full truth behind the events of that terrible day. In other words, more and more people are coming around to the conclusion Canadian journalist and media critic Barrie Zwicker reached within hours of the collapse of the World Trade Center: that forces within the United States government manufactured the attacks as a means of justifying war plans abroad and instituting draconian domestic policies at home.

Outrageous? Possibly. But Zwicker is not a lone conspiracy theorist shouting rhetoric from a street corner. He is part of a widening group of well-educated individuals, collectively known as the 9/11 Truth Movement, who, through exhaustive independent research, have determined that the official story of what happened on Sept. 11 is more far-fetched than any of the so-called "alternative versions."

9/11 Truth on Vancouver's #1 MSM Talk Show

Barrie Zwicker talking 9/11 Truth on CKNW 98, Vancouver's 50,000 Watt Blow torch

This is from the Bill Good Show, heard daily from 9am til Noon on CKNW 98

Mr. Good hosts the biggest talk show in Vancouver, one of the biggest in Canada.

Barrie talks about his new book "The Media Cover-up of 9/11" tells how 9/11 was a 'False Flag Operation'.

Calls were welcomed and most agreed with Barry and were allowed to add more info regarding 9/11 anomalies. The only two naysayers said he could not beleive it as he felt that "the Bush and neocons were simply too stupid to carry such an operation out." And other said he Barry was "out to make money" and told him he "should leave the country!"

Kudos to Bill Good for this show, for being openminded and 'fair and balanced'! I hope he will entertain other guests on this topic.

Contact page:

This is from the archives which are available for a limited time only !

You may want to record it and save it. (Windows Media Player format)



Globe and Mail "reviews" Towers of Deception

Martin Levin, writing in the Books section of the Globe and Mail yesterday (page D13), trashes Towers of Deception and says some of the "more important" books on 9/11 will be "reviewed at length" in coming weeks.

Levin misrepresents Zwicker's argument, claiming, for example, that Zwicker says Noam Chomsky "is part of the plot," without explaining what he means by that. Levin writes:

"Now I have little trouble believing it possible that plutocrats of the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld axis of ego are orchestrating things for their own benefit and that of their Fortune 500 cronies. Or that the war in Iraq is based on an unsavoury stew of misconceptions, stupidity, wishful thinking and deceit. But what I do have difficulty believing is that the 'perpetrators' are intelligent enough and, I suppose, quite evil enough, not only to concoct such a grand strategy, but to carry it off so deviously that only Zwicker and his allies can discern its true nature. I have just as hard a time believing that this sometimes entertainingly obsessive screed has proved anything at all."

"Only Zwicker and his allies"? You mean the 100 million Americans, 20 million Canadians, and countless millions of foreigners who believe the US government did it?