Barry Levinson

Barry Levinson making film about the Oklahoma City bombing


Barry Levinson making film about the Oklahoma City bombing

by Sean O'Neal

March 3, 2011

Having just turned the courtroom drama of Dr. Jack Kevorkian into awards gold with You Don’t Know Jack, director Barry Levinson will once again mine true-life controversy with the feature film O.K.C., which follows the efforts of a young legal clerk on Timothy McVeigh’s defense team to expose a larger conspiracy behind the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. That clerk, Chad Wold, is the brother of O.K.C.’s first-time screenwriter Clay Wold, whose script is based on the true story of the months his brother spent attempting to investigate evidence that others were involved in the terrorist act, often at the risk of his own career and safety. Given that the film will likely delve into some of those oft-floated theories that McVeigh conspired with members of right-wing militias, radical Islamic groups, and even the U.S. government, O.K.C. promises to be pretty inflammatory—particularly if, as Deadline posits, it purports to reveal “the real circumstances” behind the bombing, which continues to be an obviously sore subject. It's likely to also upset Oklahoma residents unless it gets those unnecessary periods out of the title.