Documentation on media coverage on WTC7

I search for the BBC coverage on WTC7 after it collapsed. I've just read something by 911veritas, but can't find it anymore. can someone help me out?

Their behaviour could be important for further investigations, as we have to know how they handled their early WTC collapse reporting "error".
As far as I know the immediately decided to made a cover-up.

In this matter it could be interesting to dig for the coverage of all news outlets regarding WTC7.

I suspect no one was live on, several broke their live feeds just minutes before the collapse, I need to know when were the first pictures of the smoldering debris shown, when the actually collapse?

Because of the strange behaviour of the BBC in special, but all media in general when it somes to WTC7 and the oblivion, I feel maybe we find out more interesting details.
It should be worth the time.

911veritas' BBC video Version 2

911veritas has corrected time zone labels on his famous BBC video and released a new version with more info. Copyrighted music removed, and 911veritas is citing Fair Use for educational purposes regarding the footage.


500 MB version 25m, 43s - right click and save:




Torrent here:

FLV here:
Here's a high quality flv file which is a much smaller download.

You will need flv player...

All BBC / WTC7 relevant news in one .pdf

I made this in just 5 hours!

I hope it will serve for our case. If you find errors, please report them to me, I'll correct them soon!

Internet Archive Authenticates BBC Video

Internet Archive's Director of Collections, Stewart Cheifet, responsible for all video and audio files at the archive, has authenticated the BBC video:

"I am Director of Collections at the Internet Archive, responsible for all video and audio files.

This video clip is part of a collection from the TV Archive of global television coverage of the events that occurred on and shortly after September 11, 2001.

This clip, among others, has drawn quite a bit of attention because it appears to show a BBC reporter in New York reporting that World Trade Center Building 7, also referred to as WTC7 or the Salomon Brothers Building, has collapsed before it actually did collapse.

G. Edward Griffin - BBC early report - may not mean what you think

It's a keeper. G. Edward Griffin, author of "Creature From Jeckyll Island: A second look at the Federal Reserve" weighs in on the BBC, CNN, Google, Youtube, Internet Archive, Federal government, Larry Silverstein, Ruddy Ghouliani, WTC 7 fiasco. For those unfamiliar with Griffin's book and are curious about money creation and debt, I highly recommend this video as a quick primer,

Money As Debt
Paul Grignon's 47-minute animated presentation of "Money as Debt" tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created. It is an entertaining way to get the message out.

Click here to avoid the spoiler below:

After laying out his reasonable hypothesis and certain facts, Griffin comes to the following conclusion:


Considering these facts, for anyone to issue a report to the press that Building Seven was expected to collapse, is powerful evidence that some people actually did have prior knowledge – not necessarily of the 9/11 attacks, but prior knowledge that Building Seven was going to be brought down by controlled demolition. Since it takes many weeks of prior planning to bring down a building like that by controlled demolition, preparations would have started long before 9/11. That fact, alone, is all we need to unravel the whole shoddy fabric of lies.


But that may not mean what you think

G. Edward Griffin March 2, 2007

In the final week of February, 2007, the Internet was ablaze with a video tape that showed news commentators for the BBC on the morning of 9/11 stating categorically that Building 7 at the World Trade Center had collapsed, but the announcement was made at least twenty minutes prior to the event. In one scene, reporter Jane Standley is seen saying that Building 7 had collapsed, all the while it is clearly visible in the skyline behind her.

Internet Archive Reposts (and "Corrects") BBC Foreknowledge Video (the same thing as the "Internet Archive") has re-posted the BBC video regarding the collapse of WTC 7.

If I correctly understand what is saying, the original BBC video clip downloaded from the Internet Archive's beta site had an incorrect time stamp put on it by the Canadian who recorded it:

"News from BBC TV was recorded by the Television Archive, a non-profit archive. Video available as a loan (stream) only.

BBC World was received from Bell ExpressVu (a Canadian direct-to-home service) and encoded using a real-time MPEG-2 encoder. The encoder was setup to include the time in UTC as part of the video – UTC is also known as GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and is the time in London during the winter. Because of daylight savings time being in effect, this means that UTC is four hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time. The time that was used to set the encoder’s time-code came from NIST using the NTP protocol.

The following was then posted in the "Review" section by someone claiming he was an engineer involved in capturing the video:

WTC7 ,The Smoking Gun video, contains BBC's collapse footage

This video sums up all the evidence for the controlled demolition of Building 7 and should convince anyone but the die hard skeptics. It contains all known footage of the collapse, including BBC's footage that was broadcasted on the evening of september 11th on 'Newsnight'.



We are demanding the OMBUDSMAN investigate this. Mr. Porter's responses are deliberately vague, hostile and untrrustworthy. No attempt has been made to get the documented evidence which was the source of the broadcast announcement.

Instead, we are to believe that because CNN said somethinhg SIMILAR, though not the same thing at all, that it is okay, and that we should just trust Mr. Porter.

CNN said that the building may have collapsed, and qualified the statement. BBC did not qualify the statement, instead repeating it multiple times as an authoritative statement of fact.

If CNN did it is an excuse, then why do we need a BBC at all? Is CNN the source for all of your reportage?

"Because three BBC channels were saying this in quick succession, I am inclined to believe that one or more of the news agencies was reporting this, or at least reporting someone saying this." -Richard Porter

The ABC News message board is currently censoring any new posts made in support of the 9/11 Truth Movement

There can be no doubt about it: The ABC News message board is currently censoring any new posts made in support of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Yesterday, I signed up with the message board under my standard username, Mekt_Ranzz, and created the forum “Why did the BBC report the collapse of WTC7 23 minutes early?” to discuss the recently revealed BBC reporting blunder of the WTC7 collapse:

"I would like to know why ABC News has not covered the recent story where on 9/11 the BBC reported several times on a live feed that WTC7 in New York had collapsed -- 23 minutes before it actually did!

Here is the link detailing this fascinating story so far:"

For awhile, I was actually getting a quite a few responses from other board members who ranged from being outright debunkers to friends of 9/11 Truth.

However, this was not to last.

Despite the fact that most of the relevant discussion was civil and constructive and that all statements and claims, at least on my part, were backed by Internet links to facts and credible sources, my thread was deleted.

The British Respond: Part of the conspiracy? (2)

Here we go again. From the editor:

So how did the BBC report that Building 7 at the World Trade Centre had collapsed around half an hour before it did so? My earlier posting on the subject has attracted a lot of interest so we've been doing more investigating within the BBC to put together the sequence of events.

Five and a half years have passed so it's quite difficult to answer every outstanding question. But we do know quite a bit more than we did on Tuesday, as a result of checking the BBC archives and what other media were doing at the time. I've also read through some of the reports published after 9/11 to help put together the sequence of events.

WTC7 questions

Like everyone else, I am trying to piece all this information together but there are outstanding questions, to which I can't find answers.

Who would call WTC7 the Saloman Brothers Building? Was it commonly known by that name in NYC? Did CNN call it by that name?

Let's say that there was general concern that afternoon about the stability of WTC7 due to damage but why wasn't there the same concern reported about the other buildings, which had been more damaged? Why didn't we hear that those buildings were in danger of collapse? If they weren't in danger of collapse, how did they know that?

Who made the decision that WTC7 was about to collapse and on what evidence was this based - general concern or visible movement or scientific measurements?

What time was it when that decision was made? If the BBC made a mistake and interpreted 'about to collapse' as 'has collapsed', then they had that news close to 16.50 NYC time. What time did CNN report the imminent collapse?

When those firemen were told to leave the area due to the imminent collapse of WTC7, were other firemen moved away from the other WTC buildings, which were more damaged? If not, why not?

The 911 Script and the Age of Terror
The 911 Script and the Age of Terror

Whitley Strieber
Wednesday February 28th, 2007

I must admit that I have been deeply shocked by a story that appeared today on my website, to the effect that the BBC reported the collapse of WTC Building 7 23 minutes before it actually took place. Previously, the BBC claimed that it had lost all of its 9/11 coverage, but this video has now surfaced. I watched it myself, and sat there with my blood literally running cold as I saw their reporter saying that Building 7 had collapsed while it was still visible behind her, perfectly intact.

Now, why wasn't this just a simple mistake? CNN was reporting rumors that Building 7 might be about to collapse an hour before it happened.

BBC RESPONDS (with arrogance) Send another complaint.

BBC World wrote:

Hello and thank you for your email in reaction to claims made in an article published online.

The notion, as suggested on such websites, that the BBC has been part of any conspiracy is patently ludicrous. We reported the situation as accurately as we could, based on the best information available. We cannot be categorical about the exact timing of events that day - this is the first time it has been brought to our attention and it was more than five years ago. If in the chaos and confusion of that day our correspondent reported that the building had collapsed before it had done so, it would have been a genuine error.

With regards
BBC World Customer Relations



Your response is ludicrous.

1. The "collapse" of the building in question exhibits 11 characteristics of controlled demolition. Not least of which, it ended up in its own footprint in a neat pile. Other collapses are not so neat and precise.

The Santa Fe New Mexican Covers BBC 9/11 "Cock-Up"

Not exactly MSM. But fairly written and even throws a shout out to us at

Source: The Santa Fe New Mexican

Blog by Devin Green
March 1, 2007

As today is my last day setting the homepage for The Santa Fe New Mexican I thought I would bid you all farewell. I resigned two weeks ago to better pursue my personal interests. It is to my great amusement however that this day coincides with an astonishing story to share in this blog. There is an uproar rising across the Internet over what is being called yet another blatant, 9/11 smoking gun.

Early this week an independent researcher, reviewing video archives of the BBC's 9/11 coverage, divulged the discovery of an earth shaking incongruence. BBC reporters announced the collapse of the 47 story Salomon Brothers Building 23 minutes BEFORE the actual sudden collapse. This building, also known as WTC 7, is clearly visible, standing tall, as a reporter gestures to the live view through the window behind her.