Beit Shalom

Papers, please -- Brother Elliott of Beit Shalom Ministries Arrested by Indiana Police

UPDATE: Brother Elliott has produced his papers and has been released by the Vigo County Jail and has a court appearance on Monday, July 9th.
UPDATE 2: Elliott and Raymond have just retrieved their video camera, to find that the incident, which had been entirely caught on tape, is no longer recorded. Rather, the time is filled with black silence. A hearing has been scheduled for tomorrow morning. If Elliott pleads not guilty, the judge will hear the case at that time.

Beit Shalom ministries -- an outreach of the Protestant Free Church Movement and strong proponent of 9/11 truth -- has been hassled in its "Denver to D.C. - Walk for the Truth" tour. Below is the latest from

Please call the numbers below and politely yet firmly demand that freedom of speech be respected and that fascist tendencies be nipped in the bud before America becomes an unrecognizable country.