Madsen has a good insight re- Russian-Israeli involvement in 9-11...

...and possible efforts to divert attention of the 911Truth movement from it. I was told that this is a valuable thing for 911 Blogger regs. to see. Wayne Madsen is not to be discounted, given his long history with the Intelligence world, and I find him to be on the cutting edge of information pertaining to BushCo chicanery, international "terrorism" events, etc.

Here is the paragraph from today's entry, which can be found and bookmarked at

"WMR can also report that there is a significant penetration of the so-called "9/11 Truth" movement by elements funded and supported by the Russian-Israeli Mafia and its supporters in the Bush administration and U.S. media. The reason for the penetration is primarily to deter the movement from looking at the role of the Russian-Israeli Mafia in the terrorist attacks and ensuring that more far out disinformation theories are accepted as credible explanations for the systematic and coordinated "failures" of the U.S. air defense, air traffic control, law enforcement, immigration, and intelligence systems."


Great piece by Raimondo on on the Litvinenko hit, and Berezovsky's ties to the R-I mob...