Bickering & Squabbling

"911 'No-Planes' Conspirators Seek To Sabotage Truth"??? (from has now posted an article entitled "911 'No-Planes' Conspirators Seek To Sabotage Truth" by the prolific Dick Eastman.  The first paragraph of his Op-Ed article (which you should read at is as follows:

Think about it.  While the real investigators take the evidence and link them to men in the Defense Department and in Israel --  the no-planers remain stuck on the assertion that all the 45 video recordings were faked and that all the witnesses who saw the planes are liars  and the just make the vaguest totally detached references to "the perps" or just "perps".

Without expressing my opinion on which hypotheses are true and which are false, let me ask some semi-facetious, semi-rhetorical questions:

Let's see now...  No Big Boeing crashed into the Pentagon, right?  No Big Boeing crashed in Shanksville, right?  But most people still believe that Two (2) Big Boeings crashed into the WTC towers, right?  After all, we all saw it on TV; and the mainstream TV media & others couldn't fake such a big lie; and the real 9/11 Perpetrators could not afford to do magic that is better than David Copperfield to trick all those 9/11 WTC eyewitnesses [who are certainly NOT lying], right?