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19th August 1953 - Anglo-American military coup in Iran: "Operation Ajax"











Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, accompanied by CIA Director Allen Dulles, 
returns from exile to Tehran on 22 August 1953.

Iraq Oil Deals Fulfill Cheney's Goals By Jason Leopold July 2, 2008

Okay, the dots are getting SO easy to connect, a literate 5 year old could figure this out . . .

The circumstantial evidence alone is stunning in its transparency. The statistical chances of "coincidence" for the hundreds of factual pieces must be nearing .000000000001, maybe less. : )

I wonder if Jason Leopold accepts 9/11 yet - that elements of our government were involved? I admired his writings and investigative journalism re the Plame affair when he was exclusively, I believe, at

These are the types of writers we need to persuade to look at the evidence, do the research re 9/11. They can help us reach a wider audience that has been primed for the 9/11 truth . . .

If you're at the NJ shore on Friday, July 4th, look for an aerial plane banner with a 9/11 truth message.

This day has renewed meaning for me as I imagine it does for a lot of you.

Happy Fourth of July!

-- Betsy

Iraq Oil Deals Fulfill Cheney's Goals

By Jason Leopold
July 2, 2008

Iraq Opens Oil Fields To Global Bidding 60% Increase In Output Sought By Sudarsan Raghavan and Steven Mufson

I was surprised to see this article (with some of its details and comments) in a MSM newspaper today.

Americans are not only being "softened up" for a war or conflict with Iran . . . I think the beneficial byproduct of this and many of the lies of the last 7 years (the entire century+ ?) finally being exposed, with more and more Americans' acceptance of them, is that Americans are also now getting primed for the true story behind 9/11 . . .

If we could "sacrifice" 4,200 troops for oil and 1.2 million Iraqis for oil, could we - I'd rather say "they" - not "sacrifice" 3,000 American citizens?

(We can see how the numbers were minimized that day. If the group behind 9/11 wanted maximum numbers killed that day, the timing of the events would have been later in the day . . . We can see a "humane" aspect to this attack . . . )

Big Oil pockets Iraq - All's fair in business and war. By Derrick Z. Jackson

Great article other than he neglected to mention the 1.2 million plus dead Iraqis in the first sentence and, of course, the 3,000+ 9/11 victims and all the sick and dying 9/11 first responders, Big Oil and empire's initial collateral damage. -- Betsy

Big Oil pockets Iraq
All's fair in business and war.

Derrick Z. Jackson
writes for the Boston Globe

It took five years, the deaths of 4,100 U.S. soldiers, and the wounding of 30,000 more to make Iraq safe for Exxon.

It is the inescapable open question since the reasons given by President Bush for the invasion and occupation did not exist - neither the weapons of mass destruction nor Saddam Hussein's ties to al-Qaeda and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.