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Bigger Picture

Problem: winning 5 yards at the end of the game when we're down 20 points.

It's not going to help. We can all imagine the closing window here of effectiveness. It's really not going to make a big difference to win this debate in public if it's 5 or 10 years from now. Well, maybe 5 and it will make a difference. 10 years, I don't know.

Point is we have a closing window of opportunity to win this debate (in the public mind). That's the point, "in the public mind"! We're not here to win it amongst ourselves. Winning the next 5 yards isn't going to help.

We HAVE won, the intellectual debate, the scientific review, the common sense analysis. Why in the world haven't we won our cause in the public mind?

Stop what your doing! Stop fighting for a 5 yard gain! We've already won that yardage. Our gains have not been respected. At this point, you're just fighting amongst yourselves and the other side isn't listening, if anything, they're laughing and time's running out!

Let's focus on the field, our objectives and the obstacles:

We have inescapable scientific fact leading to suspicion of treachery. It's being ignored, suppressed, even ridiculed (in the public mind). WHY!?