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Operation Call a PNAC member: Former Drug Czar and Education Boss Bill Bennett hung up on the 'Dictator in Chief'

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In case you hadn't heard, earlier this week, PNAC signatory William Bennett hung up on the 'Decider' as he was reminding the American people of his call not to believe "outrageous conspiracy theories" and coming out as a "Truther" by making clear statements that the Zelikow report fit this description perfectly. I can't believe it wasn't on the front page of the New York Times. One of the POTUS's and GWOT's biggest backers rudely hung up on him and his message. Although I am not holding my breath on the MSM to remedy this situation, I do think the 9-11 Truth and Justice community owes Bennett a barage of utterance (1-866-680-6464, 6-9am weekdays EST). How often is it that you get a chance to talk live with a PNAC member in front of multitudes around the country?

On a more serious tip...
With the threats flying hot and heavy, taking a hold of the people's airwaves and reaching multitudes by calling talk radio shows is a very potent pre-emptive tool. Call up and say that if there is another attack in the U.S., the first suspects we will look to are the members of the Bush administration especially Cheney, all signatories to the PNAC letter and anyone who has given a vague warning or threat of future attacks (Brezinski, Santorum et al.). If you record it, you will have created another type of chain-of-evidence pointing towards motive and intention. Moreover, if we explain that We the People intend to use the full measure of the Law and Justice to rectify this situation, it might possibly give anyone who's thinking of being complicit (commission and ommission both) in murderous and treasonous atrocities a second thought. I haven't been able to lay this out clearly on air yet. Here are a couple examples of somewhat successful 9-11 Truth calls:

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Its crucial to keep opening up the conversation in the public sphere (as Keith Ellison and Paul Craig Roberts are doing very well from both the left and the right). This is really what this movement is about in many ways, the power of Truth and the possibility of transforming the dialogue. It's strength and our strength lies in the power of communication and openness rather than silence and secrecy. The tools of violence are clearly weighted towards the perpetraitors (though millions of American people dedicated to upholding the 2nd ammendment, representing the largest armed civilian force on the planet, have our backs if neccesary). But it is no coincidence that the 1st ammendment is 1st in power and preference. The tools of transformative sound, word and image are deeply weighted in our favor (despite the current corporatist stranglehold on the MSM) as evidenced by the recent powerful Truth fleecings of Congress members Susan Save-it! and John McCan't.

'Bush' a Truther "War on Terror is a very serious thing...Pursue it to its root." Reminds: No "outrageous conspiracy theories"

Imagine my surprise early this morning/late last night when, about to go to sleep, I flicked on the Bill Bennett show for a second and heard a certain descript faux-Texan drawl reminding the American people not to believe the outrageous conspiracy theory of the Zelikow Commission Report. I think Bennett was a little rude to hang up on the POTUS and Decider in Chief like that, especially when he was trying to get the American people to understand a very important truth. But, I got the point Mr. President, loud and clear. Tell me where to line up behind you in pursuing the War on Terror to its root and I will be there.

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Bennett responds "that's irrelevant" to "This president's father supported Saddam Hussein like his grandfather supported Hitler"

Early monday morning (7-16-07), Bill Bennett was attempting to shore up morale around the War on Iraq on his radio show "Morning in America" (6-9am EST, 1-866-680-6464). I figured it was time to check in with Bill to clarify the internal contradictions of his beliefs about 9-11 and the logic of the Global War on Terror. I was attempting to play the 'devil's advocate' of his belief system and poke holes in it from inside and then get to the facts. I really wanted to get into a discussion about false-flag terror in order to clarify why the War in Iraq is not meant by its architects to be "won," but I got caught up in back and forth with Bill and got axed soon after bringing it up. I really think someone needs to follow up with him specifically, because, as far as I know, he is the only signatory to the PNAC document to have a call in radio show. I was going to tell him that he is part of a group that Citizen's Grand Juries around this country are investigating for complicity in the attacks of 9-11.
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