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2012- The Awakening

For-Giving Altar at the 31st Annual Spiral Dance, October 30, 2010

Author Bill Douglas

On October 28th, 2010 , on the weekly Community Currency Radio show, the theme was
2012: The Awakening with author, Bill Douglas.

Truth activist, FBI Whistleblower, and TIME Magazine Woman of the Year, Coleen Rowley; and spiritual author Deepak Chopra have given high praise to Bill's new edu-tainment novel...

Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Bill Douglas

In an interview recorded on January 17th, 2008, this episode of Visibility 9-11 welcomes 9-11 activist Bill Douglas.  Bill is one of the founders of the original 9-11 Visibility Project out of Kansas City and has written and lectured extensively about the 9-11 Cover-Up.

Bill has recently been helping to promote the new 9-11 truth novel, The Shell Game by Steve Alten, which comes highly recommended by Visibility 9-11.  If you missed the interview with Steve and his messages to the 9-11 Truth Movement, click here to learn why this is such an important book for our cause.

Music by Chris Jankoski.

"The Shell Game," From New York Times Best Selling Author - Sparks 9/11 Truth Controversy, Lights Fire in Publishing Industry!

“. . . they [the majority of Americans] shall come to realize what I now realize… that the 9/11 Truth Movement are the real patriots in 21st century America!" -- Steve Alten, New York Times Best Selling Novelist (author of “The Shell Game”)

Commercial fiction and 9/11 truth have formed a strange marriage, and a mutually beneficial relationship. The original 40,000 book print run of “The Shell Game” is almost sold out even before the book has even hit the bookstores. A big part of that success may be from the growing support of the 9/11 truth community who has come to largely enthusiastically realize, although for a few some times begrudgingly, that “The Shell Game” will, in the end, help draw a much larger audience to the 9/11 truth movement.

Using fiction to fight for factual truth, was a stretch for some 9/11 activists, but the tide is quickly changing. For example, within one day, one prominent 9/11 truth activist went from condemning use of “The Shell Game” as a 9/11 truth spreading tool, . . . to wholly and enthusiastically endorsing it to help open the public mind to 9/11 truth. This is a growing pattern. The more 9/11 truth activists learn about this upcoming blockbuster book, the more excited they become.

“I’m changing my vote to Thumbs Up on Shell Game . . .” said the above activist.

You Say 9/11 Was an Inside Job? There's Nothing I Can Do About It . . . or Is There?

9/11 victim's family member and one of the original truth activists, posts this story at it's a short history of the Truth Movement, and a lot of encouraging testimony about the power of one person, and the power of the People together, to compel truth and justice from our "representatives" who would deny that to us.

"Most people I talk to believe 9/11 was an inside job. I talk to everyone, cab drivers, limo drivers, phone solicitors, etc. etc. The overwhelming majority think 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by our government.

HOWEVER, almost as many shrug and give me comments along the lines of “it doesn’t matter what I do.”

Let me tell you a story about what one person can do. "