Bill Maher protest

Interventionism vs. CIA: Should Truthers Disrupt, or Pursue Civil Information Activism?

What do YOU think about the LA 9/11 truthers’ disruption of Bill Maher and’s disruption of Bill Clinton ?

That’s the question I’m addressing in a series of radio shows, including today’s conversation with Peter Thottam, a Los Angeles lawyer, truther, and impeachment activist who participated in the Bill Maher intervention: I’ll be interviewing Peter on Dynamic Duo, 4-6 pm CT, today, Friday 11/9, at network 4. Call-in number (866) 582-9933

On Tuesday’s 9/11 and Empire show (archived at I interviewed Anthony, Nick and Brian of, who heckled Bill Clinton recently:

Glenn Beck on Bill Maher protest: “9/11 Truth = Timothy McVeigh”!

Glenn Back: “This is the kind of group that ‘a Timothy McVeigh’ would come from.”

This is where Beck, or his producer, got the idea from;

Conspiracy Fanatics Invade Bill Maher
By Dave Nalle

"What they don't seem to get is that being obnoxious doesn't make people respect them, it makes those they want to influence and the audience they want to reach take them even less seriously. If you have a controversial cause and behave like a whacko, then people conclude that your cause is silly even before they have a chance to consider the evidence. "Stupid is as stupid does" is the operating principle under which they seem to be eager to be judged.