blind spot

Left Blindspot

Alot has been written about the left gatekeepers. But I'm constantly amazed at the blind spot - about false flag terror - among so-called progressives who are not conscious gatekeepers. These are people who can see other issues just fine, but just can't see what's in their blind spot: the frequent use of false flag terror by the U.S. and our allies.

Today's article from Common Dreams, a leading liberal news site, is a perfect example. Called "Anthrax, Iran & bin Laden: Waiting for the October Surprise", it argues that progressives should not sit passively by and wait for Karl Rove's "October Surprise" because it might be a scary one.

The essay accurately recounts how Bin Laden was blamed for the 2001 anthrax attacks, before it was discovered that the source was domestic. It also touches on how the attacks helped ram the Patriot Act through without real scrutiny, and drummed up support for the Iraq war.

The article also covers the White House Cipro story:

"The big story behind the 2001 anthrax attacks, however, was never properly covered: White House staff had started taking Cipro, an anthrax-treatment drug, a full week before the first attack even occurred. You've got to wonder what prior information the Bush administration had - and why it was not communicated to the US public."