Truth Bullies: Challenging Bloggers (and Businesses!) to Spread 9/11 Truth

Truth Bullies: Challenging Bloggers (and Businesses!) to Spread 9/11 Truth

It's on the tip of everyone's tongue. I just gave it a name.


I've been challenging people to talk about 9/11 Truth via my blog. I wanted to encourage others to do the same: write a blog post to someone waking them up to 9/11 Truth (just be sure to link to them in your post and click on the link a few times so you show up in their site stats). A personalized message can be very effective in waking people up, and more importantly, getting them to join us.

If you don't have a blog, or even if you do, you can write letters to bloggers to wake them up on the Truth Bullies web site.

Balloon Blogging

Ali aka Danish points out a novel form of getting messages out: balloon blogging.

Check out this short video to get the basic idea. The 9/11 truth movement could release 9/11 statements tied to helium balloons in crowded outdoor and indoor areas to get people's attention.

Legal disclaimer: check the laws in your state and federal protest, anti-terrorism and other laws before releasing balloons with 9/11 truth statements to make sure that it is legal. (I have done no research at all to see whether or not it is legal, so you should do so and you are assuming any risk that it is not in compliance with big brother the law.)

Newcomer's Take

In the two months that I have been a specifically 9/11 "truther" I have:
- opened the door to a potentially eight-part South Bay Philosophy Club Meeting which would begin with
- the rules of evidence collection, etc, by a local Chief Investigator with whom I've been acquainted for five years
- sorted through enough mis/disinfo to retch
- caught up on some alternative media?!
- met with the local 9/11 truth membership
- brainstormed towards a "science" of dissemination, viz., how to be "fishers of men," knowing exactly what method requires which tools, ie., casting hooks for big fish only, or finer nets for larger hauls, what would those nets be, precisely, in non-metaphorical terms, etc.
- cool street-side sign idea, to support the other signs: rectangle shaped red sign with white trim/lettering EMERGENCE IS URGENT (two rows, same spacing) or "Ignorance is Complicity" or "Don't Buy the LIE" whilst waving deception dollars...

Beach Blogging

Grab a stick
Take a walk on the shoreline
Start carving sand.
Kids love it!

To boldly blogging an arcade game?

(Warning: this blog contains instances of irony. Molten irony).

At some point we all must face the question: what is the motivation behind our 9/11 work? Is it a desire to put right the wrongs of the world, or a secret need for attention?

Is it a distraction from our humdrum lives, a chance to play the world stage and take part in a one-off grass-roots-led revolution. or simply a fun thing to do?

I think there is an element of play in all of us, but we must be careful lest our playfulness encourages us us lose touch with reality. We can find ourselves saying the most appalling things to other people on internet forums , the likes of which would never pass our lips in the home , at work or in the bar. We can assume the self-righteous smugness of a soap-box evangelist, forever finding fault with his fellow humans. I have fallen into this pit of over-the-top gesturing, until brought up short by a well-respected member of this forum who, quite rightly, objected to being called 'deluded' and 'a stormtrooper'.

I don't think I am by any means the only person to write silly things. It is fun to get on your moral high horse and pontificate. I say this with confidence because I am of course right about everything.