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Ad Focusing On WTC 7 Begins Airing in New York City

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A 30 second television spot featuring 9/11 family members and promoting awareness of the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 has begun airing in New York City. The ad is sponsored by and highlights the fact that over 1,200 architects and engineers have called for an independent investigation into the events of 9/11.

The Making of 9/11 Activists

By Jerry Mazza, Online Journal Associate Editor Sep 15, 2010

Among the clash of voices near Ground Zero this 9/11, we had the shouts for and against an Islamic Cultural Center, creating another layer of chaos and diversion amidst the people, thanks to the Islamic Cultural Center’s Council on Foreign Relations funded Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. The bullhorns could be heard from the intended site of the old Burlington Coat Factory several blocks away from where I stood with members of WeAreChange at Trinity Church in near silence.

This as a zealot of Terry Jones ignited a Koran during the event. “A hate-filled fanatic ripped pages out of a Koran and lit them on Saturday amid the chaos outside the planned community center and mosque near Ground Zero. His logic was ‘f they can burn American flags, I can burn the Koran.’ He also claimed, we ‘Americans should never be afraid to give our opinion.’” Are we, ever?

Witnesses called it “a ghastly display of fervor,” inspired by the Florida nut-case pastor who swore he’d torch the holy book earlier in the week. All of this overshadowed what should have been a somber day. The book-burner was not arrested but escorted away.

ACTION ALERT: September 11th Letter to the Editor

*Please submit the following letter to your local newspaper on behalf of Bob McIlvaine and other family members who demand 9/11 truth and justice. Select one of the two versions below depending on the word limit requirements of your paper's public forum. (If 300 words, use the first letter--- if 200 words, use the second letter). NOTHING to write. Just mail this LTE along with your contact information or submit online at your newspaper's website. Let's set a goal of 100 submissions. They will ALL be read by newspaper editors and many will be published. Together we can reach millions of readers while promoting Building 7 awareness and activism. Do it for Bob!

LTE-268 words
This letter is written in honor of those who died on September 11, 2001, and in support of their families who are still seeking the truth about that day, including Bob McIlvaine, who lost his 26-year old son, Bobby.

NYC CAN, AE911Truth ask NYC city council to investigate WTC Building 7

A New York-based group allied with Architects and Engineers for 9-11Truth is lobbying New York City council members to investigate the anomalous circumstances surrounding the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.

Deadline Live: Jack Blood Interviews a 9/11 Survivor and OKC Survivors Simultaneously, On Anniversary of OKC Bombing 4/19/2010

Jack Blood of "Deadline Live," brings together the survivors of two different government-sponsored false flag events in a conference call / interview to discuss the similarities of those events - most glaringly of course, the tragedy of losing family members to the machinations of government turned rogue.

9/11 family member Bob McIlvaine, whose son Bobby was killed on 9/11, is accompanied by OKC survivor V.Z. Lawton, and Jannie Coverdale who lost her two grandsons Aaron and Elijah in the Oklahoma City Bombing on Apiril 19, 1995.

The interview is in hour two of the April 19 2010 broadcast. Hour one consists of a tribute to the victims of Waco, The Oklahoma Bombing and 911 Family Members. The alphabet agency directed massacre at Waco of course happened on this same day. Audio clips from the film, "Waco, the Big Lie" are played.

Waco, the Big Lie:

BUILDING WHAT?! Day 14 (and important Day 17 info!)

Fellow Advocates:

Please note that City Council offices will be closed tomorrow, Friday, April 2 in observance of Good Friday. Building WHAT?! will resume full force on Monday, April 5, and culminate on Wednesday, April 7 with the Speaker of the City Council, Christine Quinn, who will be the only council member we contact that day. Our goal for the Speaker's office is 1,000 phone calls and faxes, so please be sure to participate on Wednesday, April 7 - with only one person to contact it's very easy!

Also, just to reiterate, please be sure to direct the aides to "A Message From Bob McIlvaine" on the NYC CAN home page so they see footage of Building 7 and learn what the pursuit of truth is all about.

Thank you!

Day 14 Council Members

Council Member Albert Vann
Phone: (718) 919-0740 or (718) 919-0741
Fax: (718) 919-0744

Council Member Mark Weprin
Phone: (718) 468-0137
Fax: (212) 608-6382

Council Member Rosie Mendez
Phone: (212) 677-1077
Fax: (212) 677-1990
Please email us at to share what you learned from your phone calls!

3/14/10: A Message from Bob McIlvaine ....

Hello all:

Bob Mcilvaine asked me to post this statement:

"As many of you may already know, Cindy Sheehan and Jon Gold are in Washington protesting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They, along with many other anti-war activists, are camping out at the Washington Monument.

It surely is not easy to “keep the flame of protest’ when the media and special interest groups fight us at every juncture. But, as Cindy and I both know all too well, life is precious and we have lost too, too many young lives already.

Cindy and Jon, I cannot be with you, but I am truly there in spirit. May God keep you safe."

Bob McIlvaine
father of Bobby McIlvaine

Thank you,

Message From Bob McIlvaine: Join the “Building What?!” Campaign

Click To Sign Up

“Building What?!” is a phone and fax campaign aimed at helping the New York City Council become aware of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, The Salomon Brothers building, and amplifying the request from more than one thousand architects and engineers that a new investigation be opened into the destruction of this building.

ABC Nightline Monday night broadcast of Treason in America

Unbalanced coverage of this past weekend’s 'Treason in America' conference in Valley Forge. Note the specific placement of pejorative keywords to condition the viewer. Many clues are given as to techniques used to marginalize open discussion of the subject.

Definitely a huge step forward in the right direction. By engaging the mainstream media with factually clear, rationale dialogue when the opportunities arise, we win the hearts and minds of more critically thinking Americans every day, all of whom have the potential to stand for the Justice and Accountability due us all.

Sheen Blasts Cowardly Corporate Media Refusal to Debate 9/11 Facts


Sheen Blasts Cowardly Corporate Media Refusal to Debate 9/11 Facts

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Charlie Sheen has blasted the cowardly corporate media response to his “20 Minutes With The President” letter, slamming the press as “hopeless lap-dogs” for failing to address a single one of his 20 bullet points on 9/11 while ignoring completely his challenge to publicly debate 9/11 truth debunkers.

9/11 Family Member Bob McIlvaine At Webster Hall 9/10/2007

I have never seen this posted on, let alone posted anywhere. This is something everyone should watch. I think this is one of Bob's most powerful speeches.

I Hear Bob McIlvaine, Michele Little, And Jason Bermas Kicked @ss Last Night On The Radio...

Does anyone know if an archive of this exists? What show were they on? Thanks.