Bob McIlvaine

9/11 Victim's Father Paints Picture of US/CIA Criminal Enterprise on Italian Television

Bob Mcilvaine, who son died on 9/11/2001, has spent six long years fighting for truth. He's been shunned by US media in the most despicable fashion.
However, Italian television gave this man what US media should have given him over and over again . . . the nation's ear.

In the above interview Mr. Mcilvaine tells the Italian audience what anyone who is honest and takes the time to do their research learns . . . that 9/11 was just one in a long example of CIA backed crimes meant to fool Americans into illegal wars.

Boston Tea Party for Truth Goes International on Truth Revolution Radio

Jason King was the guest on last Friday's edition of Truth Revolution Radio and we talked about the upcoming second annual Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth. During the course of the conversation we heard from activist John Bursill who announced that Australia would be joining in this year's action. This episode also includes a passionate speech from family member Bob McIlvaine, recorded in Philadelphia on July 4, 2007.

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Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth

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The Eleventh Day of Every Month

9/11 Victim Family Members Speak Out!: 9/11 Symposium West Hartford CT 11/03/07

( This a "rough cut", we are currently in the process of post production on the entire event which will be available on DVD in the coming weeks....check for updates.)
(Go to full page of videos by clicking 'read more' link at bottom for all 3 speechs plus Q &A)

Donna Marsh O'Connor

Bob McIlvaine Opening Remarks and Intro to the Movie "Press For Truth": 9/11 Symposium 11/03/07

(This a 'rough cut' clip..we are currently working on the post production of the event which will be available on DVD and the web in the coming weeks.)

Victim Family Member Bob McIlvaine makes his opening remarks and a powerful introduction to the Movie "Press For Truth".

"Jersey Girl" Patty Casazza and 9/11 Family Member Bob McIlvaine: 9/11 Symposium, West Hartford Ct, 11/03/07

(This is a 'rough cut' clip....We are currently working on the post production of the entire event which will be available on DVD and on the Web in the coming weeks.)

Patty Casazza and Bob McIlvaine : "9/11: Family Members, First Responders and Experts Speak Out!"

Alex Jones Interviews 9/11 Family Member Bob McIlvaine

Thanks to 911veritas

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The discussion is mostly about the new petition filed with NIST.

Questions And Answers With 9/11 Family Member: Bob McIlvaine

Jon Gold


A little under 2 and a half years ago, members of the 9/11 Truth Movement held what were called "The 9/11 Omission Hearings" in New York City. At the time, I could not attend those, but I did attend the "9/11 People's Commission" in Washington D.C. I remember the impatience I felt waiting for some kind of media from the NYC Hearings. Originally, 4 recordings were released that went through the highlights only. When they were released, I pulled up my chair, and intently listened to every single word. That is the first time I heard Bob McIlvaine. When he started to cry, I burst into tears, and remember that moment like it was yesterday. I remember feeling so angry that this man had to feel this way. I couldn't find those recordings, but the audio of Mr. McIlvaine is available here.

In March of last year, I had the pleasure of having dinner with Mr. McIlvaine. The purpose of the dinner was to convince a friend of Rep. Weldon's that he needed to meet with us. As it turns out, it worked. Mr. McIlvaine also gave me the honor of interviewing him. One of the things I admire about him is the fact that he is so incredibly honest when he speaks.

Recently, at the 9/11 Accountability Conference, I got to spend some quality time with Mr. McIlvaine. If I remember correctly, I even got the chance to buy him breakfast. If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you watch the Welcome and Mission Statement from Arizona.

Bobby McIlvaine was an amazing individual. I was reading through his bio the other day, and I couldn't believe his achievements. He graduated from Princeton University, and managed to get a job at Merrill Lynch as "Assistant Vice President For Media Relations." He was also engaged to be married for a 2002 wedding. My sincerest condolences Jennifer.

Because of Mr. McIlvaine's honesty, I wanted the chance to question him about a few things. Being the kind individual that he is, he has granted me that opportunity. Here is the result.

1. Very often, members of the 9/11 Truth Movement hear, "You're being disrespectful to, or dishonoring the family members". In your eyes, how true is that statement?

Asking questions does not dishonor or disrespect 9/11 family members. Asking questions does make family members irritable and anxious, primarily because they have ignored available 9/11 info. The truth must be heard, regardless who it hurts.

CBC Sunday Covers Alternative 9/11 Theories in Detail

CBC Sunday covered in great detail 9/11 alternative theories. They referenced Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Loose Change, and the standard range of 'conspiracy theory' topics. The show featured interviews with Bob McIlvaine, Dr. David Ray Griffin, Dylan Avery, Lee Hamilton, and Jim Meigs (Popular Mechanics). Download it, check it out, post some comments, and send in some feedback to the CBC. You can also check out a tiny bit on CBC's website at the moment here. Big Thanks to Neil from for the video rip and heads up!