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NBC's Pat Dawson blows up at 9/11 Truther

NBC veteran reporter Pat Dawson 'blows up' at 9/11 Truther Dan Wallace, who lost his father, Lt. Robert Wallace; a fire fighter who died in the Towers on that fateful day.

Personally, I think Mr. Dawson's frustration is enigmatic of the outrage many of these veteran news reporters must be feeling concerning 9/11... "the GREAT ENIGMA".

For him to snap on Dan that way ON VIDEO in the AGE OF YOU TUBE betrays an inner tourmoil that must be eating these so-called "journalist" alive. An emotional outburst like that can literally cost a journalist his career. Particularly in response to a TABOO subject like 9/11.

Imagine spending twenty years of your life building a career within the so-called "fourth estate"... starting out with very high and noble ideals... only to have your world to be revealed as nothing more than a sham, a con, a veritable travesty of the very things you "claim" to stand for in the Journalist's Creed.

Perhaps that's why Mr. Dawson stormed off in disgust. He was afraid of what he might say next.