Richard Gage at the Boston premier of "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

An interview with Richard Gage at the Boston premier of "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out", West Newton Cinema, Newton, MA  6/19/12

Music Video SELLING FUTURES posted at Truth Troubadour Channel on YouTube

Selling Futures reviews the many aspects and consequences of the complete takeover of US society by consolidated corporations and their attempt to globalize and militarize the entire world under the cover of “privatizing” resources and fighting a “war on terror”. Of course, as always, 9/11 Truth is an integral part of Vic's songs and videos. Eric Golub is featured on ukulele. The song was recorded by sound engineer/owner at Robot Envy Studio in Berkeley, CA.

If you like Selling Futures, support it with “like” and "share" buttons, as well as sending the link out in your emails and posting it to other sites. The same goes for any of the 9/11 Truth specific videos: Blowback or Bloody Treason, Trouble in the Rubble, Ballad of William Rodriguez, and Cheney's in the Bunker. Thank you! The song, Selling Futures, is copyrighted. But the video has a Creative Commons Copyright with free download and use without the right to change the video.

Vic Sadot is Truth Troubadour at twitter, 911blogger, gmail, youtube, bliptv, and blogspot.

Selling Futures - Truth Troubadour Music Video at You Tube

Reclaiming the "Boston Tea Party" for 9/11 Truth

Reclaiming the “Boston Tea Party” for 9/11 Truth
By Jerry Mazza
Online Journal Associate Editor

Sep 29, 2010, 00:24




Boston Peace 2008 Hip Hop Festival welcomes Truth message

'DJ Waldo' Truths up the Mix
Peace 2008 Hip Hop Festival welcomes Truth message to Boston City Hall Plaza

August 3, 2008

Boston 9-11 Truth is seemingly everywhere these days. Hot off their successful "Patriots Question 9-11" canvassing party on Boston's Esplanade this July 4th, the group took their message this past Saturday to Boston's City Hall Plaza where they distributed over 1,000 "Revolutionary HipHop" CDs to a highly receptive crowd.

Boston's Second Tier Newspaper Prints 9/11 Hit Piece

Sure to become an instant classic, it has all the right words--"moonbat", "anti-semitic", "kook", etc.

Gov gives fools their forum: Moonbats in his Web
By Michael Graham
Thursday, March 29, 2007

“9/11 was a joint Bush administration/Israeli operation. It is time America to wake up and smell the thermite!”- Posted on the “9/11 Truth” page of

You don’t have to be a clueless, conspiracy-obsessed moonbat to support Deval Patrick. But it sure doesn’t hurt.

Deval Patrick’s official grassroots political Web site was launched with great fanfare by Team Patrick. Its purpose is to energize Patrick’s grassroots base as he confronts the evil “Beacon Hill insiders” who don’t share his desire to shaft businesses and kill jobs - or as he puts it, “bring economic justice and close loopholes.”

Boston Governor Website 9/11 Truth Supporters

Boston Governor Deval Patrick launches website for MA Issues.

9/11 Truth has made the list and has growing support!

Anyone can vote for an issue

(to keep it on the top of the list)

by choosing "Vote for this Issue" and then Creating and account. It asks you to look for your voter info to log on, but at the bottom you can choose to create a new account without doing this! Anyone can vote!