Boston Truth Tea Party

The San Francisco 2007 Boston Tea Party

On December 16th, 2007, the Boston Tea Party was alive and well in San Francisco. We handed out much literature to the public and read aloud, our Proclamation, to a captive audience at the Hyde Street Cable car turnaround before marching down to the pier to toss the rejected facsimile of the Official Commission Report into the Bay. A good time was had by all.


Jim Fetzer's Three-Plus Hour Blockbuster on Greek Television, Monday 12/18

Greetings fellow 9/11 Patriots,

When I arrived at my week night job late this Monday afternoon, little did I suspect that the prime theme of the evening was not going to be pizza deliveries and tips as usual. Much to my surprise, the evening was dominated by extensive discussions about what really happened on 9/11, and watching my boss and a coworker wake up quickly and dramatically to the entire 9/11 matrix.

The pizzeria where I work is owned and operated by Greek immigrants. My boss has a TV in the kitchen which is hooked up to a satelite dish. He is able to receive the Alter Globe Greek language station, which he has on much of the time.

As soon as I walked in on Monday, he immediately called my attention to what was taking place live on Greek television. It was a panel discussion show involving several Greek journalists and broadcasters. They were asking questions from none other than our own Jim Fetzer, who was laying out his case - point by point - that 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by elements within the U.S. government.

Veteran's Invitation

Veteran invitation,

Your attendance at a prestigious, historical event set for December 16th, 2006 is formally requested. The Boston Truth Tea Party will include public speaking by myself, as well as other notable 9/11 truth advocates including retired Col. Robert Bowman, Kevin Barrett, Barbara Honnegger, retired Lt. Dennis Morriseau, Gabriel Day of, Les Jamieson of NY 9/11 Truth, and many 9/11 North East regional advocates. The theatrical event itself will include the reading of a formal proclamation condemning the official Independent 9/11 Commission Report, and the government’s abuse of its power, its avoidance of transparent truth and accountability, its oppression of American citizens, and the destruction of their constitutionally provided way of life.

This call to citizen attention is an important one as the goal is to reach the people who are mere victims of the 9/11 official spin and its justification for currently 2 illegal wars with others to follow if we “stay the course”. The open air event pays homage to those who sacrificed so long ago to provide the freedoms we strive to protect, as we collectively march from historical Fannueil Hall, to the Boston Harbor to theatrically dispose of mock crates filled with commission reports. The success of this event can only be bolstered by participation or attendance of those who unselfishly sacrificed in the past to protect our country and its citizens, and now stand together for the protection of those who sacrifice now and in the future, as well as the safety of our citizens and all humanity alike, and the protection of the Constitution for which our first allegiance was sworn to so many years ago for many of us.