From Agent Orange, to 9/11, to BP: Kenneth Feinberg is Master of Disaster

Written for the 9/11 Truth Movement. Please forward widely.

By Sander Hicks
Founder, The Truth Party

Kenneth Feinberg, a key figure in the cover-up of 9/11, has popped up again at the forefront of the BP oil spill cover-up. Appointed by President Obama, Feinberg heads the compensation fund for BP that will reduce the oil giant’s liability in the Gulf, by twisting victims into out-of-court settlements.

“Feinberg’s a BP-paid lawyer, pretending to be neutral, acting with authority granted by the President, talking to spill victims and suggesting that they deal directly with him, and not their own lawyers,” a New Orleans attorney told Wsws.org.

Kenneth Feinberg was “Special Master” of the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. This Congressionally-created cash cow was created by the Bush White House, with plenty of input from the insurance and airline lobbies, to prevent victims’ families’ lawsuits. The average family that received $1.25 million signed away their right to sue for negligence.

Gulf oil spill workers and 9/11 rescue workers' illnesses


By Marisa Taylor
McClatchy Newspapers
WASHINGTON — A group of doctors who've tracked 9/11 rescue workers' illnesses urged the Obama administration to "prevent a repetition of costly mistakes" made after the terrorist attacks by protecting Gulf Coast oil spill workers from toxic exposure.