Brad Woodhouse

Michael Steele under fire over Afghanistan remarks


". . . Michael Steele would do well to remember that we are not in Afghanistan by our own choosing — that we were attacked," Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse said in a statement.

Michael Steele under fire over Afghanistan remarks

The Republican National Committee chairman is caught on video saying the conflict is a 'war of Obama's choosing' and implying that the U.S. effort is doomed. Conservatives call for his resignation.

By Michael Memoli, Tribune Washington Bureau

July 2, 2010 | 3:45 p.m.

Reporting from Washington — Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is facing a new test of his leadership over comments he made that appear to question America's military effort in Afghanistan.

Video footage that emerged Friday shows Steele referring to the conflict as "a war of Obama's choosing" and implying that the effort is doomed to fail.