brainwashed assassins

Jesse Ventura Episode 6: Manchurian Candidates

Once again, an episode which is worth posting here because the subject of Manchurian Candidates is extremely interconnected to black ops, psyops, assassinations, and the secret world of terror that our clandestine agencies orchestrate.

As with all the other Ventura episodes, this one seems to be 95% good, credible info mixed in with the 5% which appears to discredit. The show proves beyond a shadow of doubt that military-based mind control is a very real thing, and interviews people who have been involved with the so-called "MK Ultra" black ops in addition to showing us screenshots of the declassified CIA MK Ultra documents.

So what's the 5% disinfo? Our good ol' friend General Albert Stubblebine, talking about how it's possible to stare at a goat and explode its heart. Jesse asks what is the evidence for this; Stubblebine says "I've been shown a few examples" but then refuses to comment further. (Roll eyes)

Other than that, a very enlightening episode indeed!