A movie 'bout Al Qaeda and its roots in the US is needed, but missing

We have the "Power of Nightmares" docu by Adam Curtis, a well done background movie, but it fails to cover Al Qaeda as the anticipated new enemy as own creation.

We have the docu "Terrorstorm", which is also great for false flag terror, but IMO too much concentrated on 9/11 and 7/7.

But we still have no movie docu bout Al Qaeda and its roots in the US.

I suggest to connect the following sources:

"The CIA and The Sheik" Village Voice 1993
The '93 WTC Bombing precedent

Emad Salem, FBI-Agent, "Brooklyn cell"

The Brooklyn Connection, stated by Robin Cook (Al Qaeda literally the Database)
Post 2

Peter Dale Scott, about the terror trainer who had links to FBI, CIA and the Brooklyn connection and WTC93 bombers and 911

Bob Graham,

Jose Padilla