Brother Raymond

Political Action Group: Support Our March For Truth

 I have had many interesting responses to our Denver to DC walk for truth. Many, have given their opinions of why it will not work but few have listed alternatives for what sort of action would be effective. Biblically, what we are doing is symbolic. I am selling my business, been kicked out of school, and preparing to endure months of hardship with my family in order to demonstrate that this nation is in danger. Yet many of you have been correct. Without a unified effort our walk will be futile.

To those who desire to be critical without their own plan of action I would encourage you to get out in your own communities and be active. Call your Representatives; keep this issue in the face of the congress. We need political action now. A large sector of the American populace understands that there is merit in our cause. Yet, they need leaders to put that information into legitimate action. We need to assault the propaganda wall in every city and state. We need voices out on the street corner. We need men and women not only to run for congress, but to continue to work with the Senators and Representatives.

Kicked Out of CCU for 9/11 / Anti-War Stance

This statement was sent in from Raymond Schwab, (Brother Raymond).

November 10, 2006

Tonight I stood in the cold evening displaying a sign on a public sidewalk which stated "Real Christians Don't Choose War" in front of my school, Colorado Christian University. On the other side of the parking lot in front oft he North entrance stood my wife and another friend Eliott Nesch with similar signs. Elliot preached on the corner about the injustice of war. Six o'clock was nearing so I handed off my signs and headed inside to class. A still tension filled the air. I sat in my seat and watched as two administrators pulled my instructor from the classroom. Moments later they walked back in, stood in front of my seat and told me to gather my supplies and leave the classroom. Silence. The introductions continued and the instructor skipped over me and pretended an injustice was not occurring before her eyes.

I slowly packed up my laptop and other books. As I stood to leave I looked around to see if anyone had the courage to speak out to what they were witnessing. All eyes went to the floor. We walked into the hallway. I was informed because I had posted something online twice (It was removed once) in my biography section of the online portion of the course I was being kicked out of school. I looked at the two administrators with tears in my eyes asking them to consider what they were doing. They stood firm, proud and stood by their story. I asked them to at least give me the respect to be honest about why they were kicking me out. I had been speaking to them for months to develop a forum to discuss the Christian response to 9/11 and the wars which followed. They knew I was about to walk across the country to protest the war and yet still insisted it was about the post.