The BTS database [Flights 11 (WTC 1) and 77 (Pentagon) Did NOT Exist]

06 December 2006

The BTS database

When I described the BTS database as having been fixed that wasn’t totally accurate.
It has been altered, but not enough to provide the evidence necessary to show that these flights ever existed.
When the database was examined in 2003 it contained no record whatsoever of either flight11 or flight 77.
That database has been backed up, as it was envisaged that it would be altered.
Then ten months later it was found that the flights had been added to the database as scheduled, but that there was no flight data for them.
And the tail numbers have not been added.
The flight data is recorded in real time as the planes fly, and would be almost as difficult to fake as pictures of stars from the moon, for similar reasons of complexity.
“No flight data” shows that the planes never flew.
The summary statistics for the day were also not altered to include these flights.
So even after the database has been altered, it still provides ABSOLUTE PROOF that Both AA flights 11 and 77 never flew that day.
That is:
According to the database, the flights didn’t take off.
So any individual who says that those flights flew is going directly against the evidence of the BTS database!
So how does the hijacking story fit in with that?


[Comment from CB_Brooklyn: 11 and 77 are numbers used in numerology. See here]