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Muckraker Report makes a Request for Correction from NIST

Muckraker Report again boldly goes where most fear to tread!

Published: Thursday, March 1, 2007

Ed Haas

Effort to halt government WTC7 investigation launched

March 1, 2007 – The following Request for Correction was e-mailed to the National Institute of Standards and Technology on February 28, 2007. It will be certified mailed on March 1, 2007. Attorney Jerry Leaphart has informed me that he will work on the legal papers for an injunction this weekend.

The subject matter within this Request for Correction and pending filing for injunction is purposeful. The reader might be tempted to conclude that many other contradictions found within the government investigation of WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7 should have been referenced in this Request for Correction. I can assure you that great thought went into this effort and it mirrors the advice of counsel. What some might conclude as “too narrow” is actually advantageous to achieving the goal – the truth.

Please support the Muckraker Report in this effort.

February 28, 2007


The BBC Covers Pearl Harbor....

Granted, there was no television coverage of Pearl Harbor - but you get the idea :)

Wonkette: BBC, CNN Employ Magical Psychic News Announcers

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From my favorite source for political satire:

The Internets are buzzing with the bizarre story of BBC News reporting the 9/11 collapse of WTC7 before the building actually collapsed - all over a live shot of Ground Zero, with the 47-story highrise clearly in view and clearly standing.

What it "proves" is anyone’s guess, but it sure makes for hilarious viewing. But BBC reporters and anchors who maybe didn’t know the Manhattan skyline so well could possibly be forgiven for reporting an erroneous story and not knowing that great big highrise was World Trade Center 7 (otherwise known as the Salomon Brothers building). So why doesn’t the BBC simply say it got a story wrong and didn’t know any better? Stranger still, why did New York-based CNN anchor Aaron Brown do the same exact thing on September 11, 2001? We’ve got all the creepy video and much more to make your head asplode, after the jump.

First, the BBC video which has been posted and then deleted by Google and then posted and then deleted by YouTube again and again this week. The great big highrise next to the lady reporter’s head is WTC7:

New 3-minute BBC/WTC 7 compilation - Full story at

"Clairvoyant Collapse"

BBC World News started reporting that 7 World Trade Center had collapsed about 23 minutes before the building actually came down... (...) A video clip establishing this anomaly was discovered on the news service and first pointed out to the public Monday by the blog writer veritas911 at The ensuing controversy has prompted a swift, unusually angry response from the BBC, which however has failed to address the substantive issue: (...) [b]Who was that source?[/b]

The answer may be essential to settling the long-standing dispute over whether the third skyscraper to fall on 9/11, which was not struck by an airplane, was demolished using explosives, or collapsed entirely due to structural damage and fire.

(...) we are making available a three-minute, 10-megabyte WMV video showing the key excerpts from the segment, with inserted time labels based on a start time of 4:54pm EDT.


9/11 Cover-Up Unraveling Now!

This has the potential to blow everything out into the open.

 Before you try and debunk this... make sure you realize that the collapsed building she's talking about... is STANDING.  Behind her head.

More thoughts about BBC / WTC7

I had a similar thread earlier this day:

Here are more points that came to my mind:

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· At 09:44 PM on 27 Feb 2007,
· Jason wrote:
I'm confused...what is the conspiracy? What are the implications of reporting WTC7 falling before it actually did? Who cares I was living in NYC at the time and it was widely reported that other building that were part of the WTC were collapsing or would collapse eventually. So they jumped the gun? What are the implications everyone is getting at here????

So, spot on.

I have heard several times now the spin that the BBC probably mixed up these other reports that “other buildings might collapse” with “Building 7 has collapsed”. Besides all doubts that the BBC could made such an unbelievable error and that other news-outlets were running similar news:

Larisa Alexandrovna's first-hand account regarding WTC 7.

Some of you may know Larisa Alexandrovana aka lala_rawraw. She is a journalist for Raw Story, and her bailiwick is documenting how everything the Bush Administration has done in the last few years leads to some type of action against Iran. Anyway, when a lot of the BBC WTC 7 stuff was hitting this week, she started a thread on Democratic Underground. Her initial cautious reaction was that something had to be amiss with this video (being the questioning, thorough reporter she is), but what I found most interesting was her account from the street regarding that building. I have heard mixed statements about foreknowledge as to whether WTC 7 would collapse. Some people say it was a total shock. Others say that everyone knew it was going to fall. Here is a portion of what Ms. Alexandrovna had to say. This is not some internet crackpot. This is one of the best journalists on the planet.


CNN archivist don't think BBC could loose tapes

We received an interesting e mail from a CNN archivist in Atlanta who stated their utter disbelief at the notion that BBC has lost any of their 9/11 archives.

"I'm an archivist with the CNN News Library in Atlanta, and I can tell you with absolute certainty, the mere idea that news agencies such as ours would "misplace" any airchecks from 9/11 is preposterous. CNN has these tapes locked away from all the others. People like myself, who normally would have access to any tapes in our library, must ask special permission in order to view airchecks from that day. Multiple tapes would have been recording their broadcast that day, and there are also private agencies that record all broadcasts from all channels - constantly - in the event that a news agency missed something or needs something. They don't just have one copy... they have several. It's standard procedure, and as soon as the second plane hit, they would start recording several copies on other tapes machines all day long.

The only information they need to give out is the source of the collapse claim. No one is saying the BBC is "part of the conspiracy," we're saying that someone gave that reporter the information ahead of time. The source of that information is the only thing they can reveal that would be meaningful."

Putting the WTC7 in context

Now, with three confirmations about early (means before it actually happened) reports on the collapse of WTC7, we can assume that there was indeed an early press release, stating that Building 7 has collapsed due to fires and damage from the fallen debris of the Twin Towers.

The CNN guy was confused, as he could see the building still standing in the skyline, which made him switch to “Is collapsing” as he reads the news.
The BBC reporter, who did not necessarily knew the Manhattan skyline in detail, gave us the original report: “indeed it has collapsed.”

The people behind this press release should be taken unter close scrutinity, they are most likely the real perps of that day. We can only speculate, if it was the OEM or a similar organisation or group of persons.

I mean, this early reporting was not necessarily an “error” in the script Matrix.

Remember that WTC7 slided into oblivion after that day, from 01-09-12 on?

Jim Hoffman's article on BBC's 9/11 Timeline & Foreknowledge of WTC 7's Collapse

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The BBC Bombshell

Archived footage of television broadcasts from 9/11/2001 shows the BBC reporting the collapse of WTC 7 about 23 minutes before it actually occurred.

BBC News correspondent Jane Standley reports that the Salomon Brothers' Building (WTC 7) has collapsed, unaware that the intact building is clearly visible behind her.

On February 22, 2007, an extensive archive of television broadcast footage covering the attack was discovered on and publicized on a blog. The archive consists of 417 mpegs, each covering about 41 minutes of broadcast. The coverage includes the following six television stations and time spans: Continued...

CNN also jumped the gun w/ WTC7 'collapse'

The BBC footage is getting a lot of attention, as it should. Here's a clip of CNN saying building 7 "has either collapsed or is collapsing" an hour early. Strange thing to predict given that steel buildings don't fall down like that - -

Looks like I was wrong about the BBC / WTC 7 video

Tuesday, February 27, 2007:

BBC World News started reporting that WTC 7 had collapsed about 23 minutes before the building actually came down, as video of news coverage on September 11th shows. The segment establishing this is available on the news service and was discovered by veritas911, a member of

(The 1-gigabyte video of BBC World News coverage on Sept. 11th starts at 4:54pm EDT and is available at

Speaking from London on the afternoon of September 11th, BBC World News anchorman Philip Hayton asks reporter Jane Stanley in New York about the collapse of the "47-story Salomon Brothers Building," also known as WTC 7. Although the building is still standing and clearly visible through the window behind Stanley, its collapse is repeatedly described as a past event. Hayton asks Stanley if there were any casualties in the building, and advances an explanation for its collapse already provided by officials, that it was weakened structurally by the prior collapses of the Twin Towers.

The Famous BBC WTC7 Video viewable at LiveLeak

Direct download, 911podcasts mirror:

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PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a tacit or overt endorsement of the veracity of the claims made in the linked video by

Please stop submitting blogs on this! Message received!

WTC 7 Not brought down by debris damage/fire

No debris damage or fuel fed fire in the area of the initiating event that led to the global collapse of WTC 7.

Debris damage:
- Southwest corner damage extended over floors 8 to 18 [NIST Apx. L pg 18]
- Damage starting at roof level....5 to 10 floors....near south west corner [NIST Apx. L pg 18]
- Large debris hole near center of south face around floor 14 [NIST Apx. L pg 18]
[just west of center*]
- South face damage, middle 1/4 - 1/3 width south face, floor 10 to ground [NIST Final 4-5-05 pg 15]
- Only damage to south wall on 9th floor at SW corner [FEMA Ch. 5 pg 20]
- 8th or 9th floor....2 elevator cars ejected into hallway north of elevator shaft, visible portion of south wall was gone....possible damage extended to the west [NIST Apx. L pg 18]

Explosion heard on floor 8
Start at 6:20 min.
[Warning: audio very loud and distorted, turn down volume before viewing]

* Steve Spak photograph with location of perimeter columns added graphically.

No debris damage to east 1/3 of south face was reported

BBC Error ! Huge smoking gun of pre-knowledge collapse of WTC7

See at 15:00 time mark.

On September 11th 2001, BBC World reported at 4:57pm Eastern Time that the Salomon Brothers Building (more commonly known as WTC7 or World Trade Building 7) had collapsed.

This even made the 5pm EST headlines, what is bizarre is that the building did not actually collapse until 5:20pm EST.

9/11 was unusual enough, without BBC World being able to foretell the destiny of WTC 7.

What is even stranger, is that the women reporter is telling the world that the building had collapsed when you can see it in the background over her left shoulder.

Then at 5:15pm EST, just five minutes before the building did actually collapse, her live connection from New York to London mysteriously fails.

So the question is, on 9/11 how did the BBC learn that WTC7 collapsed 23 minutes before it actually did.

Building Seven was 47 storeys, modern in design with structural steel throughout, yet symmetrically collapsed in 6.5 seconds, was someone leaking information.