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They know we're coming: Bush picks ex-911 Commission Member for White House Counsel

Bush Picks Fielding as Counsel

It amazes me that men like Fielding and Zelikow were allowed to be a part of the 9/11 Commission. That is like Johnnie Cochran being picked to be on the jury of the OJ Simpson trial. These biases alone should justify a completely new investigation. This is the key. Once a new investigation begins, it's curtains for the Neocons. Of course, this will require politicians who are not swayed by big oil, AIPAC and the Military/Industrial Complex. Are there any still out there? The Bush Administration is already bracing for our onslaught of justice for the 9/11 Families. Let's get political and stop ranting about "leftist gatekeepers". We need a permanent presence on Capitol Hill demanding a new investigation. We need to reach out to Democrats and Republicans. Remember Curt Weldon? Being GOP doesn't mean you are anti-truth. We need to get mobilized and stop our silly infighting and allegations of "disinfo" and "gatekeeping". The goal is a new investigation. As Lt. Col. Bowman said, "The truth about 9/11 is that we DON'T KNOW the truth about 9/11, and we should". The American public loves mysteries. September 11th is the most obvious Law & Order plot line ever. Even a thirteen year-old could tell you that it was an inside job. That's why all these polls show a massive majority of Americans rejecting the official story. Because it's so obvious who was the real culprit is! So please: stop the bickering and paranoia. Leave paranoia to the people who perpetrated this crime. They are the ones getting scared (article pasted below).