BushCo is Not Incompetent

Blast the Incompetency Argument

Keep hearing that the notion of government complicity in 9/11 is being blown off by some liberals with the
argument that the administration is just a bunch of "bungling" idiots. We know better and we must
be ready to come back at this argument with some good solid, "sound byte" evidence.

BushCo is NOT incompetent. They are highly competent at setting and executing a cold, clinical
corporate agenda. This agenda does NOT include protecting the average American citizen; see Katrina.
It does include making war on Iraq on the cheaps and for big, big profit for the few and powerful;
see inadequate body armor and see the movie "Iraq for Sale." This administration has turned the tragedy
of Iraq into a veritable gold mine for its contractor friends while assuaging the concerns of the Saudis and
Big Oil about real competition in the global oil market.

It's all about priorities, not competence.

As I said in an earlier post, we need to BASH this incompetence argument by pointing out how successful
they have been, up until very recently, in exploiting public goodwill for their own monetary gain and
for rabid, raw power.

DEAD Americans are "collateral damage" to these people.