Giuliani 911 comments 4/19/07 on C-Span

Giuliani starts talking around 10 minutes in, says some interesting things at the 16:16 mark. Thanks to Jerry/Kleetus for sending this in:

Fmr. Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-NY) and former Mayor Ron Norick (R-OK) talked about how leadership and putting a plan in place helped their cities respond, recover, and rebuild from acts of terrorism. They focused on the successes but also on the challenges and obstacles encountered by both communities in order for their experiences to help other communities prepare for, and successfully recover from, large-scale disasters.


9/11 Truth at the Anti-War Protests This Weekend

I'm sure many Truthers are planning to make an appearance at the rallies and marches against the Iraq War this weekend. I'll be at Portland's protest tomorrow with a sign that says "End the 9/11 Lies, End the 9/11 Wars." I'm interested in accounts by Truthers of their experiences at these events, where 9/11 Truth is received with varying levels of enthusiasm, so to speak.

Just now, on C-SPAN's coverage of the event in DC, I saw two 9/11 Truth signs -- one right up front in the crowd, and one visible over Cynthia McKinney's shoulder as she was speaking. Good work, folks in DC!

REMINDER: C-SPAN 2 - "9/11 & American Empire" 10pm EST

A reminder that C-SPAN 2 will be broadcasting "9/11 and American Empire" at 10pm EST (9pm Central).

You can buy a copy of the video from C-SPAN here;

You can buy a differently filmed version from 911tv.org;

And it would be downright decent of you to make a contribution to KPFA.org, who made the event possible, and when you do, let them know that you are contributing specifically because of this event and Bonnie Faulkner's "Guns and Butter" radio program;

Action Alert: Tell C-SPAN to air new 9-11 panel

Remember the effect Blogger regulars had in promoting the Symposium on C-Span? Here's your chance to do it again. Thanks to Steve for sending this in:


C-SPAN is sitting on another 9/11 event it has taped. 9/11 activists might want to call in their morning show, Washington Journal, from 7 to 10am ET every day and ask them why they haven't aired this event yet.

C-SPAN Call-In Numbers Support Republicans: (202) 737-0001 Support Democrats: ... (202) 628-0205 Outside US: (202) 628-0184

Details from author, military journalist, and 9/11 researcher Barbara Honegger:

[On October 2], I attended an amazing panel event in Berkeley, Calif., based on Griffin and Peter Dale Scott's new book 9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out (a MUST get) at the MLK School packed to 1,500 standing room only and standing ovations with Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Kevin Ryan, Peter Phillips, and Ray McGovern, with McGovern moderating.

IT WAS TAPED BY C-SPAN. The cameraman said he understood they'd air it 'in a week or two', and that was this PAST Sunday. Keep checking the C-SPAN schedules to BE SURE to watch AND TAPE this HISTORIC event. It's EVEN STRONGER than the Alex Jones conference expert panel, the last 9/11 event aired nationally by C-SPAN.