Gary Bell From AM640 Toronto Devotes 5 Hour Show to Attack Official 9/11 Story

Gary Bell - Sept. 9 - 23mb MP3

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Vancouver, BC: 9/11 Truth Protest on Sept 10/11, 2006


WHERE : Vancouver Art Gallery , Robson St. side - downtown
near Hornby St.

WHEN: Sunday, Sept. 10 - 1pm -3pm & Monday, Sept. 11 - 11am-1pm
(Come to either or if possible both)

There will be some placards available, though you are welcome to bring your own. There will also be a few tables with DVDs etc. set up.

Anyone who could come well before the start time to help with set up would be appreciated. A polite suggestion is to try
to wear black if possible and dress not too casually to give the feeling of mourning/funeral. It goes without saying, we want to make this an effective, eye-opening event conducted in a calm, non-confrontational tone. Thanks for your participation."

(quoting from an e-mail i received from the Vancouver 9/11Truth Group )

Leader of the Canadian Action Party Speaks

Connie Fogal, leader of the Canadian Action Party speaks out, topics include the North American Union and 9/11 from the perspective of a political party.

Connie Fogal - 30m, 29s - 108mb

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