Be a 9/11 Truth Part of HuffPost's Online-Only Presidential Candidate Mashup

Be a Part of HuffPost's Online-Only Presidential Candidate Mashup

What's a candidate mashup? It's a new kind of campaign forum that will put you in charge of shaping exactly what kind of viewing experience you want to have -- from the questions that are asked to the way you can pick and choose the issues you want to hear about and the candidates you want to hear from.

Here's how it will work: Charlie Rose, armed with questions you have sent in, will have a conversation with each of the candidates (more on these questions in a minute). The intimacy that Charlie always brings to his conversations is the perfect compliment to the intimacy, directness, and authenticity that were the hallmark of so many of the public's YouTube questions.

After the candidates have finished talking, the video will be coded and put at your disposal -- empowering you to create the candidate mashups of your choosing.

Christopher Garvey for Attorney General New York

Christopher Garvey runs for Attorney General New York. He is on the ballot and he wants to investigate 9/11!

"Nine-eleven when the towers fell,
Soon thereafter, went our rights - as well.
Stuff- not right- in the explanation.
That’s why Garvey wants investigation.

Go vote today, for Christopher Garvey.
Won’t rest until - - New Yorkers are free.
Make our freedom more than just ephemeral.
Vote Libertarian Attorney General."

Christopher Garvery Campaign Song Audio
Sung to the tune of "Ol' Dan Tucker"

Campaign Song: complete lyrics

If the 80% or so of the population, who do not trust the government's version of events, voted him in, we could get the truth out, start the process of bringing the real perpetrators to justice, throw a light on the false pretenses under which people are unnecessarily being slaughtered in Iraq (If the motives were good, why couldn't they be truthful about it) and perhaps even avoid World War 3 or 4 (depends on how you count them. Some count the "Cold War" as WW3) by forcing the plans to invade Iran to be scuttled.

In short if the information could be spread to New Yorkers soon enough, we could save the world. :)

This is because as AG Garvey would have jurisdiction in New York to investigate the ~3,000 murders. There is no statute of limitation on murder. And he has expressed his intention to do so, should he be elected.

Garvey has spoken twice now at the 9/11 Truth meeting at St Mark's on Sunday to promote his candidacy.

Garvey is a personal friend of mine and was also a friend to John Perry. We were all regular attendees, before Sept. 2001 of the Junto Society, which is a political meeting held once a month based on an idea by Benjamin Franklin