Cardington Fire

Fire Effects on Steel Structures – Detailed Technical Engineering Studies and Data

Fire Effects on Steel Structures – Technical Engineering Studies and Data

After researching the collapse of the WTC towers, the 911 researchers lack data in steel structure test burns. Some researchers claim that metal is not damaged in fires which will be shown to be untrue. Much speculation is created about the temperature obtained in the steel. If you search deeper outside of the 911 truth movement, you will find that there are many structural engineering groups who have researched the effects of fires on steel structures. This was done thru researching previous building fires, computer simulations and test building fires.

The test structure fires are what we need to focus on. There is enough data here to create a good hypothesis on the failure modes of the towers. The data is extremely complex and much more than I can handle. I would encourage other engineers to look over this data and post their results. We also need to email the structural and fire engineers who performed this research for more information pertaining to the WTC buildings. Here are the main points which I found in my research.

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