Cartoon: "Two Memorials"

From SlowpokeBlog, Commentary by Slowpoke cartoonist Jen Sorensen.

They can't shake the WTC7 ghost

Inspired by the cartoon image of the WTC7 ghost knocking on the BBC's door posted by GeorgeWashington...

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WTC 7 Knocking

WTC 7 Knocking:

Thanks to Robert for the heads up.

(Video) - "BushTrek: The Voyages of Starship Enron's Prize"

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, this is hilarious and basically a great LIHOP statement. Although I don't personally agree completely with some of points made like "Petroleum - the final reserves" (Peak Oil etc). From, made in 2002.

"9/11 Graphic Novel - The Real Version" -- Part One of a truly hilarious series kicked off

"Recently, Oceania's Ministry of Truth produced The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation - a propaganda comic book reiterating the official story for kids, the illiterate, and the incredibly bored. I noticed there were some parts of the novel that perhaps weren't entirely accurate, so here I present the first part of a 9/11 Graphic Novel Redux."


Hilarious 9/11 Truth Cartoon


This is truly hilarious! Excellent way to expose lots of the many little lies that surround the Big One. I'm really looking forward to the second (and later) parts. :-)

P.S.: Who is going to translate that into Spanish, French, German, Arab, Chinese,...?

P.S.S.: Be prepared for this thing to draw a lot of heat by the "opposition". Spread it around. Link to it. Mirror it. Back it up. Support it. Digg it (hmm... how does that work at all?)


Update 1: Let me try if this works: Digg this!

Update 2: Looks like the site went down. Let's see if it comes back up soon...

Missing: South Tower's Top

Mf Dnes hit piece. "Circus CIA" screenshot

Anyone want to run with this idea of using a milk carton as a parody on the "official story" of 9/11? How about "Missing: A Real Investigation of 9/11?" Or "Missing: Justice for the Real Perpetrators of 9/11"?

Do people think that the top of the South Tower really did "go missing" due to demolition, or did it fall over and land somewhere, like Church street? This thread contains an interesting debate on this question.

Thanks to Angular Momentum Fan for the heads up.