Catching Up On The Facts

9/11 101 Make-Up Test

Anyone who has read my posting knows that I came into 911blogger fairly computer illiterate, and on a dinosaur dial-up connection. So for many years, I have not had access to the thousands of videos available on-line.

I have recently had access to up-to-date computers and have been able to renew my 9/11 studies. I do not have the hours it takes to locate certain information, so I ask in my blog for responses to a few questions.

Has anyone determined what the white, boxlike structure was on the roof of the WTC? Many overhead views from aircraft show reasonably clean roofs on both towers. On 9/11, the box structure is quite obvious.

Has anyone determined the speed of the aircraft in the Naudet film? David Chandler's pragmatic mathematics inspired this thought.

Has anyone produced a video simulation of what a gravity collapse of the towers SHOULD look like, using the data available?

I appreciate any help or dialogue on these topics.