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TMZ picks up Heather Thomas' comments about 9/11

Under the headline U.S.A. is Fall Guy for 911, the celebrity news site TMZ.com has aired a story regarding former 80s blonde bombshell Heather Thomas and her belief that 9/11 was an inside job.

Thomas told Retroality.TV that 9/11 was staged on behalf of the oil companies. See her exact comments at the link. Maybe leave some comments at TMZ, which gets lots of traffic.

Willie Nelson's Daughter, Paula Nelson Agrees With Dad

Serendipity once again stepped into my life. I caught Paula Nelson's Band in Alpine Texas last night. The band is quite good and Paula has a great voice.

At break time I approached her and introduced myself as a member of http://ae911truth.org and asked her if she agreed with her dad's brave public statements questioning the official story of 9/11. She said she most certainly agreed with her dad and thanked me for our work. She took a bunch of ae911truth DVDs and said she'd get one to her dad. She also said she'd be willing to do an interview about her views on 9/11. She is friendly sweet very talented and joyful. Willie could be very proud. Video up as soon as I can.