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David Ray Griffin on the 9/11 Cell Phone Calls: Exclusive CBC Interview

Excellent interview with Dr. Griffin. He especially notes how the FBI itself admits that there was only one connection attempt made from Barbara Olson, which lasted "zero seconds," not to mention that Ted kept changing his story, first saying she called him on a seatback phone, then cell phone, then seatback again. And given that out of all the supposed 9/11 phone calls, Olson is the only passenger to mention "boxcutters," the FBI's admission is an intriguing one indeed.


David Ray Griffin and “Cell Phone Calls”: Serious Logical Errors in "9/11 Contradictions."

In Chapter 17 of David Ray Griffin’s latest book, 9/11 Contradictions , the author asks, “Were Hijackers Reported on Cell Phone Calls?” Griffin’s approach to the question can be summarized by a sentence in the last paragraph of the chapter:

“The central questions, however, involve the reported cell phone calls, which played a central role in establishing that the planes were hijacked by al-Qaeda operatives.” (p. 182)

Husband of Flight 93 Attendant: "Cell Phones Don't Work on a Plane ..."

The husband of a flight attendant on one of the four planes that crashed on 9/11 has, during an interview, revealed his astonishment at receiving a cell phone call from his wife that morning. The reason for his surprise: "because cell phones don't work on a plane."

British airline passengers to get 'all clear' to use mobiles in flight

From U.K. Daily Mail, march 26, 2008:

Those who enjoy the quiet sanctity of flying because of the mobile phone ban on planes, may soon have their peace shattered.

The communications regulator Ofcom said plans are now in place to allow passengers on UK-registered aircraft to use their own mobiles while in flight over Europe.

Some airlines already offer passengers in-flight telephone services via the airline's own network.

But the new arrangement will involve passengers' own mobiles connecting to an on-board base station.

Both of these must be switched off during take-off and landing to ensure they do not interfere with mobile networks on the ground.

Once the aircraft reaches a minimum height of 9,840ft (3,000m), the system may be switched on by the cabin crew.

Mobile users will then be able to use the aircraft's network service to make and receive calls which will be routed via a satellite link to the network on the ground...

Read full article at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=545795&in_page_id=1770

Cell phone calls at high altitudes on 9/11

I just sent an email to David Ray Griffin in care of Scholars of 9/11 truth and justice and I would like to open some dialogue regarding the cell phone calls from the planes on 9/11. Here is what I sent:

Dr. Griffin,