"Progressive" Censorship: Banned Again For Telling It Like It Is

by John Doraemi

I might as well get an article out of my serial banning in the "progressive" sphere of the interweb tubes. Funny, I hold some pretty "progressive" ideas.

My ideas about the corruption of the alternative media by foundation funding grants seems to irk a few lib-censors however. That is where the rubber and road meet. They wanna get paid, homes. And they don't want readers to know by whom.

Somebody may find this issue instructive. Alternet.org just banned me, without explanation. I figured it out quickly however, because my last post there was deleted, which I will try and recreate here from an admittedly faulty memory.

The Sibel Edmonds blockbuster exclusive: the news story that wasn't

I've just written a piece with the above title. Feel free to spread it around, put it on digg, or whatever. I'm passing the torch. For now, I feel like I've done what I can on Sibel's story. If you want to send a message to National Security Whistleblowers (current AND future) and the media, I would suggest that you not let this issue die off in the blogosphere at least.

Full article (with links) @


Have you read Brad Blog’s exclusive blockbuster news yet? The story that says that Sibel Edmonds, “the most gagged person in US history” is now ready to risk prison in order to tell the American public what she knows? You know, the one which made her name a hot trend in a few places (however mild) before practically never being heard of again. Yeah, that one.

Now, I’m writing this for all you people who are aware that 70% of the 9/11 victims families (you know, the ones who pushed the 9/11 Commission into actually happening at all) questions remained unaddressed.

Orwell's Triumph - There is no van full of explosives reported at the George Washington Bridge.

There was never a van full of explosives reported at the George Washington Bridge.

A van full of explosives at the George Washington Bridge did not exist.

Crimes of the State Blog

The raison d'etre for the 9/11 Truth Movement in one easy step.

Dan Rather CBS News on September 11th 2001

Jerusalem Post,

September 12, 2001 (mirrored):

(08:45) Car bomb found on George Washington Bridge

American security services overnight stopped a car bomb on the George Washington Bridge connecting New York and New Jersey.

The van, packed with explosives, was stopped on an approach ramp to the bridge.

Authorities suspect the terrorists intended to blow up the main crossing between New Jersey and New York, Army Radio reported.

More Google Censorship: Zeitgeist Views Reset

I checked "ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Official Release - Full Film" this morning 9/2 and the views were 32,750.

I put in "zeitgeist" on Google and it came up in the main page results ranked 4th. But go to the video, and the views are reset.

This event is exactly what has happened to Alex Jones's videos time and time again.

Get active and tell people about Google censorship.

100% Proof Google is Keeping Conspiracy Sites Down

100% Proof Google is Keeping Conspiracy Sites Down
"Link Relevance" Suppressed on Alternative Media
Source Article On TheUltimateConspiracy.com

"9/11 Inside Job" Banner Seen Live by Global TV Audience but Removed by YouTube

Good day,

The following video was submitted to YouTube by East Anglia Truth following their removal of the clips of Corinne Bailey Rae performing "I'd Like to" at the recent Live Earth concert in London.

The clips featured a brief, but clear, view of the "9/11 Inside Job" banner that the East Anglia Truthers had taken to the stadium in the hope this would be captured. This indeed was broadcast live across the globe, however, it appears that its presence is no longer welcome on youtube and it is interesting that its removal shortly followed comments that had been posted on the page alerting other viewers to the banner.

Truthaction workerbees - READ THIS! - Video recording leads to felony charge

The Rights guaranteed in the First Amendment are INDIVIDUAL Rights. Of this there is no question, unless it is by tyrants. That means that each and every one of us INDIVIDUALLY enjoys the UNALIENABLE Right to Freedom of the Press. Create your own blog, web site, newsletter, whatever. Post your work as news. Put your face and name to it. MAKE YOUR OWN FANCY PRESS CARD. Stand on you Rights, like Matt Lapecek did in New Hampshire last week and sue them for violating your UNALIENABLE Rights if they do so. You only have those Rights you are willing to defend. Hold them accountable. Take their houses, take their cars, take their kid's college funds. Hit them in the only place that they have feelings left, their wallets.

A video recording leads to felony charge for an 18 year old. They charge him with a felony that they believe will seem allowable under the law and then will push him to plead to a lesser charge. Somebody in Pennsylvania please get this kid a copy of the Constitution becasue in his schooling it was obviously never covered.

Censorship by the media- even in "live" transmissions

I've just read that Rosie O'Donell's show "The View" was normally pre-taped and then broadcasted with a few days delay, but occasionally it was really live.


One of the primary reasons why O'Donnell rejected ABC's contract offer was because the show's Neo-Con producer, Bill Geddie, was continually editing her statements and censoring what could be broadcast. The View is normally pre-taped and aired the next day but occasionally on Tuesdays or Thursdays the broadcast goes out live. Sources tell us that O'Donnell would choose the live show to make statements about 9/11, but that after the initial furore, Geddie even resorted to inserting a delay between the recording and the transmission so that he could live edit controversial statements he didn't like.



This delay can be only a few seconds to some minutes, and usually we may not even notice. As the show still may be announced as "live".

And who brought us this?
Right, it was "Nipplegate", Janet Jacksons "shocking" showing of her "naked" breast.


My letter to the ABC News Message Boards

For the record, despite my letter to them, the moderators of the ABC News message boards are still deleting away any and all posts and threads made in support of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Emailed on 04/02/2007


No matter what hour of the day or night, your moderators take systematic steps to quash dissent here on the ABC message boards and I've had it. ABC News has had a long-standing reputation of encouraging diversity of opinion, open-debate, and as far as I can tell, is currently against censorship. Unfortunately, some or all of your moderators have decided that certain popular political topics of interest and any threads or posts related to them – no matter how inherently inoffensive, worthy of discussion, and compliant they are with the so-called “House Rules” -- shall be deleted in favor of a hegemony of one-sided debate.

DIGG.com and BUZZFLASH.net Covering Up for Mass Serial Killers

Emailed to 2500 opinion-shapers weekly
Please post and forward as appropriate

DIGG.com and BUZZFLASH.net Covering Up for Mass Serial Killers:


"This story got put on DIGG and received over 1000 "diggs," but only a couple dozen "buries" and it lasted on the front page and in the news section for all of 10 minutes or so. Real democratic, right? I'd call it censorship but I'm sure the Digg people would just say that's how their system works based on scientific formulas or some crap.

"Over at BuzzFlash.net, a friend of mine posts articles on 9/11 that are legitimate and newsworthy, but yet are almost always deleted by the moderators.

Propagandation NATION .... Rosie/Digg censorship

Feel free to email this to any and every one (esp thos ewho don't like the current state of media), I tried to focus on the aspect of idea and news suppression, i think it has more apeal than straight up conspiracy. I think this combined with the fox coverage could give people more of a foundation. Just checked Digg it's over a thousand and still not on the political news homepage. Lets email this out and turn it viral! Well here it is:

Propagandation NATION, couldn’t happen in America could it?

Responsible journalist wouldn’t “quell” an idea that might be catching on and censor it, not in America, maybe China or Russia, or other countries of the past. But not hear in America right?

Today (3/29/07) Rosie O’Donnell mentioned on “The View” some information about WTC7. For those of you who don’t know WTC7 was a 47 story steel skyscraper, newer than the Towers and heavily reinforced. On 5:20 9/11/2001 this massive building, standing tall and burning for 7 hrs. collapsed in 6.5 seconds.

Status: Rejected

I have been working on a 911 truth video for the past several months in support of National Days of Truth Action.

I recently completed said video and uploaded it to googlevideo.

There was no problem.

After watching the film I noticed a few glitches, so I deleted the film, corrected the mistakes and re-uploaded it.

Status: Rejected.

There is nothing in this video that violates current copyright law. With the exception of a small excerpt from a CBC news program on PNAC WHICH IS ALREADY PRESENT IN ITS ENTIRETY ON GOOGLE VIDEO AND YOUTUBE, every clip clearly falls within Fair Use. Indeed, nearly all of the footage was taken from films already available on Google Video and other source which deal directly with 911 truth. I'm stunned at this development.

Here's the email:

Your video "The Third Stage" was rejected because it didn't comply with
our Program Policies.

Videos submitted to our program are subject to an initial review to
ensure that they comply with our guidelines. When videos do not meet
our standards, we disapprove them. You can review our guidelines at:


RFC: 9/11 Truth Internet Censorship Secure Encrypted Clue Interpolation Project

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.. Rev. M L King

[Following a major attack].. "Unhindered by the restraints of traditional liberal values, this elite would not hesitate to achieve it's political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under surveillence and control. Technical and scientific momentum would then feed on the situation it exploits." Zbigniew Brzezinski (CIA Mafia Conservatist Oligarch/State Dept. 80's Mujihadeen-manufacturing, OBL "fight for your God" Bush-Reagan co-plotting madman...

Case in Point:

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007

#18 Physicist Challenges Official 9-11 Story

Source: Project Censored

Research into the events of September 11 by Brigham Young University physics professor, Steven E. Jones, concludes that the official explanation for the collapse of the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings is implausible according to laws of physics. Jones is calling for an independent, international scientific investigation “guided not by politicized notions and constraints but rather by observations and calculations.”

In debunking the official explanation of the collapse of the three WTC buildings, Jones cites the complete, rapid, and symmetrical collapse of the buildings; the horizontal explosions (squibs) evidenced in films of the collapses; the fact that the antenna dropped first in the North Tower, suggesting the use of explosives in the core columns; and the large pools of molten metal observed in the basement areas of both towers.

Jones also investigated the collapse of WTC 7, a forty-seven-story building that was not hit by planes, yet dropped in its own “footprint,” in the same manner as a controlled demolition. WTC 7 housed the U.S. Secret Service, the Department of Defense, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management, the Internal Revenue Service Regional Council, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Many of the records from the Enron accounting scandal were destroyed when the building came down.

Alternet Censors Its 9/11 Readers/Commenters

Yesterday, I left two comments on LeftWright's blog entry (The Christopher Hayes hit piece posted on AlterNet...). I have decided to repost those comments as an original blog entry in order to draw further attention to Alternet's practice of selective censorship.

Comment No. 1:


As of 12:44 PM (EDT), there are 923 comments on "The Nation/Alternet" 9/11 hit piece. The vast majority of them are pro-911 Truth, and they all trash the author of that piece-of-crap article, as well as Alternet and The Nation for publishing it. The previous highest number of comments I've seen on an Alternet article (also on the topic of 9/11) was somewhere between 400 and 500 (at least the number was in that range the last time I looked).

Alternet must certainly realize they are antagonizing and alienating an extremely large number of their regular readers. -- Submitted by MJW on Thu, 12/14/2006 - 11:47am.

Comment No. 2:

Now The Comments Are All Gone

As of 10:36 PM (EDT), all comments in Alternet's 9/11 article are gone. There is no listing of the number of comments at the top of the article, and there is no indication that there ever were any comments; nor is there even any longer a place to add a comment. Furthermore, no explanation is given as to why they have suddenly disappeared. All other articles at Alternet still have their comments, so the culprit cannot be an overall technical glitch.

Are the top dogs at Alternet starting to realize that the majority of their readers do not share their opinion on 9/11? Therefore, out of a sense of sheer frustration, they made their reader's angry comments disappear (at least from public view)? -- Submitted by MJW on Thu, 12/14/2006 - 9:46pm.

Please be sure to click the link at the top and read LeftWright's entry and the reader comments on that entry (several of those readers, including LeftWright, replied to my two comments).