Censorship at Buzzflash.net

I tried to submit a story this morning at Buzzflash.net and had it "disappear," this is the third time it has happened. Then mysteriously someone else (chris rose) submits an identical story and it is still on their site.... odd huh? I have not had a lot of success with "progressives" in the fight to get the truth out. It seems they are just left-wing neolibs!!! anyways 911blogger has been great, it is the only site that encourages the truth be told. here is the story that mysteriously vanished:


Berlin Humboldt University Bans 9/11 Film

Humbold University in Berlin cancelled a planned presentation of the film Loose Change scheduled for November 3, 2006, with only two days notice to the organizers.

Three young Americans created the film Loose Change, which examines unanswered questions with regard to the attacks of September, 11, 2001, and made it available over the internet in mid-2005. The film calls the official story into question and shows, among other things, a series of contraditions which still demand explanation. The film makers appeal to the public to examine the evidence and judge for themselves whether or not the official claims about the events can possibly be true.

Loose Change contains a wealth of evidence which indicates that the 911 attacks were a false-flag operation staged by the Bush administration in order to justify a so-called "war against terror" to promote their geo-political interests.

The film "Loose Change" has been downloaded over 70 million on Google Video and is thus the first international blockbuster. The version with German subtitles has been viewed 2,000,000 times on the internet since June, 2006. Television stations in France, Israel, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Holland, and Australia have show "Loose Change." Even Hollywood has shown interest -- a large studio is in negotiations to co-produce a version for film theaters, which is scheduled to premier at the USA's Sundance Film Festival in spring 2007.

BBC Newsnight: Yahoo caught providing information against Bloggers in China

Imagine a knock on the door after you have been on the internet, blogging, and the next moment you are under arrest. Not the latest BBC drama - but a real life one. Amnesty International today (27th October 2006) launched a campaign in defence of internet bloggers in many countries - including China, Tunisia and Iran who have been arrested for expressing views which have upset their governments.

But how have they been tracked down? It turns out that they have been turned in by major internet providers such as Yahoo and Microsoft, who have supplied foreign governments with the information they need to pursue them. We'll be asking these companies whether they believe in free speech.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: "Call to Bloggers" to stand up for freedom ahead of world meeting on future of Internet

Steven Jones Takes Early Retirement from BYU

Steve Jones Announces Early Retirement From BYU

Friends and Colleagues:

BYU issued a press release today -- I have elected to take early retirement from BYU. I don't have the actual release -- it will be in local papers tomorrow and may be on the BYU web site now.

I feel that this is a good move for me. I have been contacted by another school about joining their faculty, and may do so -- but no decision on that yet. I think it will work out for the best. I assure you all that I will continue in my research on 9/11 issues, and speaking out -- should have more time for these activities in fact.

With this window of opportunity, I sent the letter below to local newspapers; perhaps it could be posted at st911.org, Jim, if you wish. "Dr. Jones letter to newspaper editors upon announcement of his retirement from BYU," or something like that.

I feel good about this -- not angry with BYU, moving on and happy with it overall.

Thanks for all your support, especially to those who signed the petition at st911.org in my behalf.

My sincere thanks to all my friends in the 9/11 truth community worldwide; we have a great, growing community of intelligent, caring people. We can do this!

YEY!!! Nico censorship is withdrawn.


911blogger reversed its decision to censor the local blog


of Nico Haupt, a.k.a. ewing2001.

Nico is baaaaack..!!!

Read the details: http://www.911blogger.com/node/3701

more blogs by Nico:



Nico was protrait by the biggest german news-magazine DER SPIEGEL

its like Michael Ruppert had been featured in TIME MAGAZINE


"Der Spiegel" 30 May 2002

11 September: The conspiracy theoretician

By Carsten Volkery, New York

When US president George W. Bush got pressure recently because of possible foreknowledge of the terrorist attack, Nico Haupt was not in the slightest surprised. After all, since 11 September, the in New York living German works on uncovering the alledged government plot.

Carsten Volkery Nico Haupt: US Government consciously looking in another direction

New York - Nico Haupt is worried about his reputation. “I am not a conspiracy theoretician”, he assured again and again -, as if he must convince himself, in order not to become mad. He sits in a Café on the Fifth Avenue, from its mouth gushes the facts. Numbers, name, places. After few minutes is clear: This humans read everything, what was ever published over 11 September 2001. Like a possesed person the under-emplyed ex-Düsseldorfer collects since over eight months agency messages, studies testimonies, compares lists, makes time-lines. Ten hours on the day it is on-line, all search machines sets it on the goal: What is really passed on that day? What knew the Bush government? Who is behind the Insider Trading before the notice? From where did Anthrax letters come? Head (..Nico's last name 'Haupt' means 'Head' in english..) on its web page ourdna.org listed the 500 most important open questions. “I place the questions, the Mainstream media forgotten”, say he. He sees himself as banner carrier of a gone down investigative journalism, but which he keeps ready by answers, are wild theories about secret agents, backers and dark government channels. The countless information from the terror sump joined itself in its head to a tremendous, not always conclusive thing. Its main thesis: With the terrorist attack from 11 September act it around a “Lihop”, briefly for “Let it happen on PUR-float”. Which is put in the public as failure of the secret services, in truth a conscious way looking of the government was, says head. The war against the Taliban is planned for four years. Pentagon and CIA would have used only one cause. After the fall of the Islamics now finally the long planned oil pipeline in Afghanistan can be built - completely after the taste of the Bush friends in the oil industry. An American president, who ungerührt airplanes to the World trade center fly lets? Head nods and looks swearing to over the table: “That is not Freak Shit, which I tell here.” From the defensive it shoots with questions around itself: Why for example would struggle-high Pentagon coworkers have painted their flights on 10 September for the next day, how “Newsweek” had reported? Or why did the emergency aids of the Federal Emergency management Agency (Fema) already arrive on the day before the disaster in New York? FP/DPA 11 September: At 9.03 o'clock races a machine United Airlines into the south tower. With its opinion is not head alone. At least hundred Websites - with names such as whatreallyhappened.com or truthout.org - encourage themselves mutually in the “Lihop” - hypothesis. The CIA critic of many years Mike Ruppert, a former copilot made of Los Angeles, published even a video. Title: “Truth and read OF 9-11”. Together the Websites formed a “ring of the Skeptiker”, says head. They wrote a Petition to the congress, in which they demand an investigation. To the proof, to which the Pentagon is able, the “Skeptiker” refers Northwood” gladly to the “operation: The recently published secret plan from the year 1961 planned to shoot American passenger airlines over Cuba and to push the debt Fidel Castro into the shoes. The Pentagon looked at that time for a pretext to intervene in Cuba. President John F. Kennedy rejected the suggestion however. With the Durchforsten of the message world head adheres to the two fundamental convictions of all conspiracy theoreticians. First of all: The CIA is never ohnmächtig, but always all powerful. It lets the terrorists dance, in reverse. And secondly: Official announcements, as for instance new terror warnings, are not information, but disinformation. ““As”, if I already hear that, I laugh been reported from secret service circles, say myself dead” head. Its Paranoia goes so far that he believes hardly a message since 11 September. John Walker, that allegedly to the Taliban overflowed American traitors? Breaking into, which was thrown to the media, so that they which beautiful to write had. Daniel Pearl, allegedly of terrorists murdered “Wall Street Journal” - reporters? A clear case of a investigativen journalist, who had to be made mouth dead - by the secret service of Pakistan ISI, under control of the CIA. Richard Reid, the alleged shoe bomber? “The largest shit.” That was produced by the ISI, and Pearl has it rausgefunden. Head is in full swing. With its long arms wildly gestikulierend it talks in rises up itself. “Nobody in the Mainstream media writes, why Don C fell. Wiley of the bridge.” The tie carriers, which press their Lunch at the Nebentisch, look over here. Wiley was a virus expert of the Harvard University, which was found dead past December in the Mississippi. Officially its fall was represented as accident. Head however sees a sample: Six micro biologists died since emerging the Anthrax letters. They would possibly have known, who sent the letters. The fact that 11 September and Anthrax belong together does not stand for it except question German Press Agency more for than 2800 humans died in the rubble of the World trade center of head development to the full-time conspiracy theoretician ran straight-lined: Differently than the type of ideal of this environment it was before neither with the CIA nor at the police. Also it did not sight Ufos yet. It buildup in Duesseldorf, was ten years long moderator of a local radio ending (“Ecstasy”, later renamed in “net herb”). 1993 he already discovered Internet. Since it may call itself 1996 diploma medium paedagogue, which it is however embarrassing. 1998 it created the regional organization of chance in North Rhine-Westphalia 2000, the fun party of Christoph Schlingensief. On the national list for the election to the Bundestag head was even leading candidate, he stood on the same Wahlzettel as Franz Müntefering, Guido Westerwelle and Norbert Bluem. Before three years he came to New York, “because of the Internet situation at that time”. It called itself net artists (to its “projects” among other things the electronic Schreddern of the Big Brother web page counted) and worked for Josh Harris at Pseudo.com, that in the meantime failure gone first Internet television station. From time to time it wrote Telepolis” and the German magazine for Cyberkultur, “De for on-line magazine “: Nose”. Now it pierces itself with casual labours as a programmer. Carsten Volkery theoretician head: Not on 11 September then he found his new mission to information, but disinformation. At 8.51 o'clock it posaunte out the message on its web page - few minutes after the first airplane was hit. “I was one first, those the passenger lists from United Airlines and American Airlines down-loaded.” But soon the first questions arose. Since that time it developed its Website to the Skeptiker portal and lost themselves completely in the Cyber Gerüchteküche. When the Bush government granted scarcely two weeks ago preliminary warnings to have received head saw itself confirmed. With each new FBI exposure its heart strikes more highly. “We are about to write democracy history.” At the end, he is convinced, becomes all rauskommen - may always be which. First it must fight however still the newest nebula candles Pentagon: Since the public criticism at president Bush is suddenly the corpse of Daniel Pearl emerged, became known that Osama Ben Laden lives, New York was at one time again in danger. In head eyes of everything very suspiciously: “We may not rest ourselves.”

911oz Content is De-indexed by Google

www.911oz.com has been online since January of 2006.

During the time the website has been online, web stats showed an average 40-50 unique visitors per day. In early September I added a number of RSS news links to the main page. On 11 September 2006 there was a sharp spike which lasted for one day, as expected. On this day I had 120 vistors. Traffic then returned to the previous average.

In the week following the anniversary of 9/11 there was another sharp increase in the number of visitors to about 250. The traffic then spiked again to about 400 visits per day after I posted an essay on 9/11 Blogger.

A few days later the traffic dropped again sharply - and is now back to the previous average of 40-50 visits per day. There is a major difference in current traffic statistics however - whereas before a large part of my traffic came from google searches, now it is coming almost exclusively from "direct links". In order to investigate why this might be I ran a few google searches on blocks of text taken directly from my home page. The search results in all cases came up empty of links to 911oz.

Google Censoring 9/11 Stories

Prison Planet points out that Google appears to be censoring 9/11 news.

Today's Prison Planet article focuses on Google's censorship of Alex Jones' Terror Storm film, Charlie Sheen's statements about 9/11, and the website SpaceWar.com.

Action item:

"Please e mail Google and ask them why they keep trimming the viewership figures for Terror Storm. Demand an answer as to why they are unfairly blocking Terror Storm from reaching large numbers of people. We appreciate the great service that Google Video provides for free but what are they so afraid of that they would deliberately alter viewership totals and suppress the impact of this movie?"

Google Caught In Terror Storm Censorship

Get those numbers back up, view Terror Storm on Google here.


Google is again embroiled in a censorship farce after its Google Video sub-division was caught altering viewing statistics for Alex Jones' Terror Storm documentary, resetting runaway growth curbs to prevent the video making the website's top ten and its online viewership exploding exponentially.

Following last week's buzz about Terror Storm being available for viewing free on Google Video, numerous websites linked to our promo page and as a result viewing figures for all versions of Terror Storm at Google Video began to climb rapidly.

However, upon checking the same viewer figures on Sunday, Alex Jones noticed that many had been reset to zero and had only begun to climb into the hundreds and early thousands, nowhere near their previous levels of tens and hundreds of thousands for the previous days. The trends had been artificially reversed and this prevented Terror Storm from entering the top ten list of Google Video which would have ensured an explosion of further circulation of the video.

"Top 25 Censored Stories" include Prof. Jones' paper on WTC collapse

Project Censored is "a media research group out of Sonoma State University" in California. It just published its annual "Top 25 Censored Stories".

Guess what? They made Prof. Steven E. Jones' paper "Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?" their #18 in the list, and they even publish a direct link to it.

However, there are even more goodies for 911 Truthers in this list. It also brings to light...

  • ...that Halliburton sold nuclear technologies to Iran. You know, that very Halliburton company, which is a Texas-based multinational, employing 100.000+ persons and making a 20+ billion $US revenues p.a. Oh, and which also still pays a 200.000 $US p.a. (deferred) salary to US Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney used to be Halliburton's Chairman and CEO. He still owns quite a large chunk of their stock options. [Story #2]
  • ...that last year alone, Cheney’s Halliburton stock rose by over 3000 percent. Not bad at all. And lots of more interesting facts in their Story #24...

Other interesting stories include...

Canadian Author Censored & Deemed "Security Risk" by Concordia University


University Risk Assessment Committee Revokes Approval for September 11 (5th anniversary) Reading of Canadian Novel, North of 9/11.

On September 11, 2006 author, David Bernans (who is also a Concordia graduate student, a former part-time Concordia Political Science professor, a recent Concordia Graduate Student Association president) planned a Concordia University reading from his historical novel, North of 9/11 (Cumulus Press, 2006). The event was approved then later revoked by University security, deeming Bernans a security risk.

David Cozac of PEN Canada, an international association formed in 1926 to defend freedom of expression and raise awareness of that right, is quoted in Concordia University Student Newspaper, The Link, as stating, “It seems to us at this point that [Bernans] is being silenced. The University hasn’t come out clearly as to why the event was cancelled.”

The fictional plot of North of 9/11 is set against the backdrop of actual events at Concordia University in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks as seen from the perspective of student characters active in anti-war politics and Palestinian solidarity organizing.