Cesar Borja

'NYT' Disputes Media -- And Politicians' -- Accounts of 9/11 'Hero'

The MSM is really trying to destroy the credibility of Cesar Borja, I suspect because his case is a very public test of the government's willingness to admit the air was toxic on 9/11 and for some time after. By publicizing that Borja did not spend as much time as thought at Ground Zero, I believe the implication is that his lung disease is somehow not related to 9/11.

'NYT' Disputes Media -- And Politicians' -- Accounts of 9/11 'Hero'
Source: Editor & Publisher
Published: February 12, 2007 11:00 PM ET

NEW YORK In a major Tuesday article, The New York Times casts doubts on recent accounts -- by everyone from rival New York Daily News to President Bush and Sen. Hillary Clinton -- of an alleged hero of 9/11, a New York City police officer named Cesar A. Borja.