All you need is a crazy rich guy with a private army

Dear 911 truthseekers,

I have been a member of this blog for 7 week and three days.
I have had a good long skulk, but it is time to become more active on this blog.
I love this blog because of it's activity and the amounts of current information, and because it is a real community with a very important purpose.

I have seen the films done my homework and picked my fights.

They are:

1/ WTC 6. I have found enough information on this building to make the case for planned explosions in the building and when this has occured. I want to publish this information and give you all a chance to pick it appart, but before I do this I would like to find a first responder and ask her some questions.
Her name is Patricia Ondrovic. I found her name on the killtown blog were she gave an interview. She testifies to the fact that she saw explosions in the foyer of WTC 6, but there is some confusion as to when she saw them. I cross reverenced her with the Times 911 files (statements of the first responders.) So I know she is for real. She may not be prepared to speak or correspond with me and in that case I will lay my case before you all.